what does your pandora creation look like?

  1. i love it :smile: what an idea i really pleased with all pictures which you people shared,i like all and they are really unique and stylish
  2. Has anyone seen the new "test items" from Pandora: "Rose Silver"?

    Apparently, Pandora has created their own version of rose-colored silver (I would assume that it's something similar to Tiffany & Co.'s "Rubedo" metal alloy) and they've released a limited number of charms and other items from their line in this pink silver... 10 cities worldwide, 10 days of sale (or until their supplies are sold out).

    From what I've seen.. it's causing a frenzy! I'm jealous of those in or nearby the 10 cities where this was released. I would have loved to get my hands on some of the charms, as rose colored metals are my absolute favorite, but I'm in Miami and no special releases around here!
  3. :faint: omg where have you been lady!! I've missed you! Ha ha sounds a bit dodgy :biggrin: get back to the other pandora thread!! We missed your input :lol:
  4. Here's mine!
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  5. mdmc - I just love both the pandoras that you shared. It has a peculiar ancient touch to it and the finishing is really good.
  6. Very lovely! :smile:
  7. My finished product :smile: been almost a yr since I started it just finished the other day with the last 2 charms for my bday ;)
  8. Lovely! Do I see a travel theme? I like it a lot, I have the london bus too, it's cute!
  9. I know what you mean. I would love to have a rose gold bracelet, and this would have been a great and affordable way to start one!
  10. I'll be rearranging soon as suggested by a few gals but until then I'll just put this here :smile:
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  11. I didn't really have a theme in mind lol but yes there seems to be a travel theme going on :smile: I am very happy for this finished product it is my first bracelet but i don't think I Will make another one

  12. I can imagine that you are happy with it. It's doesn't matter that you won't make another one, this one is great and I'm sure you will enjoy your finished bracelet. I wish I could have had that much discipline, it would have saved me al to of money (-;
  13. Springtime is renewing my interest in my collection! Rearranging some pieces as I look forward to completing several bracelets :smile:

  14. omg that is a lot!

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  15. My humble collection:smile:
    1)gold and silver charms bracelet
    2)leather bracelet with just silver charms
    3) currently building my 14k charm bracelet