What does this look like to you?

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  1. Hi guys....so, as many Kelly's as I've had in the past I haven't run across a corner that looks like this. I'm NOT asking for authentication ....I'm just wondering what might be going on with this particular corner.

    Any ideas?

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  2. Anyone? :sad:
  3. do you mean the bulge?
  4. mould??
  5. Yes, that bulge at the corner.....it sort of looks like a repair maybe??? I just want to be sure I'm not seeing things.....
  6. It looks like a poorly-done repair. :sad:
  7. I see a bulging area that also appears to need some polishing cream on the corner.
    Is it very obvious IRL?
  8. I don't have the bag IRL, texasgirliegirl to be able to say for sure.
  9. Hi D - it looks like a repair or touch up was done - can you ask for more details? As long as it isn't covering a hole, or something equally bad, I think it is OK, especially if you can't really notice it.
  10. I see ;)
    It looks like perhaps it's just where some use/ slouching has occurred.
    Hard to tell. If the seller tells you that no repairs have been made to the corner this might account for what's going on.
    My Clemence Kelly sort of looks similar and that girl gets dragged with me everywhere!!!
  11. Looks a bit like water damage to me. May be you can ask docride?
  12. Whenever I see something like this... on a listing that I'm interested in... I check the other corners to confirm my suspicions. Then... I pass.

    Even though it could be as innocuous as a color touch up to the corners (which may be able to be removed via the use of a leather cleaner)... it opens up the possibility of other undisclosed touch ups on the bag. I've started to see more and more preloved bags that have been "touched up". Who knows if they are given to sellers this way to fetch a higher return for the original owner, or if they're touched up by sellers to fetch a higher market price.

    Granted... from the photo... this repair looks minor. But, at this point in time, this is "beyond my comfort zone". Obviously, someone else might feel differently for the right bag from the right seller.


  13. Yes, I think I'll inquire.....
  14. Rather than a repair, looks like water damage or the like, to me
  15. Hi Greentea!!! Yes, that would be something I'd be afraid of....I inquired so we'll see.