What does everyone think of the "classic" Coach leather bags?

  1. I'm just wondering if anyone has any of the "classic" leather bags on the Coach website? I was playing around with the website yesterday and came across them. What do you think of them?

    I thought some of them are okay looking, but I don't think I would get any of them, personally.
  2. I have a Rambler's Legacy in black leather with nickel hardware. I got it on eBay about a year ago, it was my first Coach bag actually. I really like it for when I want to keep a really super low profile, like job interviews or when I do field experience for school, for example. I serously doubt I would buy one at full price although the leather is gorgeous.
  3. I will have to agree, they are okay looking, but I don't think I would buy one. Did you see the Legacy collection? They are leather, but more pleasing to the eye.;)
  4. i like the idea of them, but wouldn't buy one with all the cool new styles out now. i like the stewardess bag the best. my first coach EVER was a leather daypack in mahongony, purchased for 188 @ an outlet. i thought i was hot stuff!:police: i still have it and it is in beautiful condition.:love:
  5. I have a bag that's considered "classic" from 4 years ago called the Soho Hobo (with the zip and buckle closure). Other than that I'm not too keen on the older bags because the straps are either long and/or thin.
  6. I have the Coach Court bag from years ago...What is sad....you buy it on coach.com for 268 and you couldn't get 50 bucks out of it on eBay. Not in demand bags unless they are vintage and in great shape.
  7. I have several and I love them. That said, I wouldn't pay full price for one now since they can be had in new or practically new condition on eBay for so much less. The reason I have so many of the classic bags is that those were the ones being made when I started collecting. :smile:
  8. I'm curious, what do people consider classic??
  9. Go to coach.com and there is a sectoin of classic bags.....I am not sure what is there now. I know the Court bag is...Willis?? Station?? These are bags that don't have a lining. Thick leather, last forever. I love mine too but have not used it in ages.

  10. ahh, I see!
  11. I still think they are great bags. While I wouldn't pay full price for one, I just used my station bag yesterday because I wanted something crossbody. They are great travel bags.
  12. I love the Willis/Station bags. Always have & I especially like that the long strap comes off & you can carry it by the handle. I also LOVE the thick leather & the fact that you don't see them that often. As much as I love the current stuff, sometimes its nice to have something different.
  13. The classic bags aren't my style, however, they remind me of when I was a teenager and would go shopping with my mom. I thought she was so cool whenever she would buy a purse out of the "glass cabinets" at the department stores. :smile: I blame here for my current addiction to purses!
  14. Oooohh, I agree about thinking it was cool when my mom or one of my friends' moms would ask to look at the purses in the glass cabinets! My first Coach was a "city bag;" I got it in 1993, as a college graduation present. I still have it, but I really don't like it, nor do I ever use it. I much prefer the newer bags, and am pretty much a sig. girl!
  15. Speaking of great bags for travel. Valentine's day I got a Coach Signature Stripe Swingpack in mahogany for only $130. While it is smaller, it's light, crossbody, and great for a day of shopping or traveling. I love it!:love: