What do you wear with COLORFUL bags??


Apr 7, 2008
I love, love, love all the new, bright colors (teal, fuschia, yellow, etc), but I'm kinda of at a loss to what I would WEAR with them? Does something have to match?? Shoes are out, since I have no plan to buy pink or yellow shoes. All black?? A hint of the color of the bag in your shirt?? Or do you not even worry about matching and just carry your bags with whatever you are wearing??

Right now I usually plan my outfits to what bag I want to carry...not pick a bag based on what I am wearing...that's backwards right?? :nuts:
May 26, 2007
Well, obviously neutral colors like black, brown, and grey will work well with colorful bags, but I also think you can mix and match colorful outfits with colorful bags. For example, if you are wearing a top or skirt with different colors on it, you can always match the bag to those colors. Also, I think you could pair a bag that is in a contrasting color to your outfits too (I guess it all depends on the outfit and color of your bags!).
Dec 4, 2006
^^Me too. I have jet black which has always led me to tend to wear a lot of black or charcoals and grays. I'm not very colorful with my wardrobe so I like to get accessories like scarves or the occasional bag to liven things up.

My friend wears a lot of color though and she matches her bags to her clothes. I think you can do both, just have fun!


May 2, 2006
I carry my magenta Madeline with everything. The only colors I don't like with it are any shirts that are (solid) a similar shade of pink or red (luckily I don't own any red).

I say wear it with whatever!


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Feb 29, 2008
I was at an loss myself. I wanted other options for my geranium madeline other than a black top with blue jeans. Here are 4 outfit ideas for a fuschia or red bag:

Outfit 1
-navy top, yellow cardigan, jeans, white pants or searsucker pin stripes
Outfit 2
-pale blue top, jeans or kahki pants
Outfit 3
-light grey top, jeans or dark grey pant
Outfit 4
-white top, any pastel sweater, black pants or jeans

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Oct 9, 2007
I wear a lot of red, burgandy is my favorite color. so I avoid green bags it is to christmasy looking and I avoid oranges and yellows. other than that I will wear it no worries! I also sometimes put a scarf of a contrasting color on my bag and match it to my outfit and that tends to bring it together better.


Apr 28, 2007
I'd wear a plain (color) outfiit with a bright color purse. I only have my Hamptons Capacity Magenta Wristlet tho, but I want a bright pink purse too. Now, I actually wore this last night (Jilly khaki signature flats)