What do you use your COIN PURSE for?

  1. I have this super cute coin purse but don't quite have a good use for it. I use my money wallet for basic wallet-y type stuff and want to use the coin purse also but for what? Can you tell me specifically what you do with yours? Or any suggestions? And please don't say "coins"!
  2. sorry, but I really DO use mine for coins! :p but in the little front pocket I keep a set of my mom's house keys
  3. I used mine in Vegas to hold money, hotel key, compact, lip stock and ID. I LOVE my coin purse! CONGRATS on yours! What color did you get?
  4. I use mine as a mini clutch, I can fit my mobile, keys, tissues, money/cards and lipgloss! It's great for when you don't need to carry a bag....or I keep it in my BBags as a make-up bag!
  5. when i am out for quick errands and don't feel like bringing my purse, i put everything into the coin purse...money, a few cards, keys, cell phone, and chapstick. it holds a ton.
    i don't use mine for a cosmetic bag as i have a few cosmetic bags, but i know a few people who use their's as cosmetic bags too.
  6. What? I can't imagine how you can fit all that in a coin purse. I have one which I never use because it seems so uselessly small to me.
  7. It's rouge vif!! I was dying for a RV something and finally settled on the coin purse when I couldn't find a twiggy or box :sad:
    I actually bought it a few months ago and want so badly to use it but it just sits there sadly in my City saying "please put something in me besides your one lip balm!!"

    Oh, and I don't wear makeup but if I did that would be awesome to hold a few things!!
  8. I find it fits so many things, I use it for my makeup - specifically, lip gloss, eyeliner, bronzer, concealer, powder, lib balm, hand creme - also my key fob. She has become indispensable!
  9. right now I am using my vert gazon coin purse for the cosmetics I reach for every single day....my lipgloss, oil blotter papers, pressed powder...and my gum and dental floss.

    I'm using my black toilet case for the bigger things such as lotion, hand sanitizer, tampons, comb, etc.
  10. heehee.. I don't have a coin purse yet. But it's on its way to me now!

    I'm planning on using it to hold my cell phone and put emergency spare keys in the front pocket. If my makeup compact fits in there along with my cell phone, I may put both in there.

    I'm mainly wanting to put it in my bag to help with organization so I'm not fishing for small items.

    However, I'm also planning on using it like the others as a "hold a bit of everything" for those times when I don't want to be carrying a bag out!
  11. I use mine for all my makeup and cosmetics!
  12. I put my blackberry, some credit cards, id, a lip gloss, and I put all my coins in the front zipper.
  13. i use my balenciaga coin purse to put make up. and i use my bal mini coin purse to put money, change, atm card and cc when i don't want to carry my HUGE wallet :p
  14. i use my LV cles for cc's and coins! and a few dollar bills
  15. I use mine for coins too! I have an aversion to coins lately..I just don't use them so they sit around. I just wrapped up $90 in change that I had lying around so I'm trying not to let it build up that bad again!