What do you think of Cocktail Rings

  1. Wow! I love that Mandarin Garnet in the middle! :yahoo:
  2. I love my cocktail ring and I love checking out other people's! The cocktail ring remains one piece of jewellery where imaginative design is still employed. I have a really simple one: emerald-cut mid-blue topaz set in white gold.
  3. Thanks ladies all of these rings are so beautiful and so nicely worn with anything. Some I have seen here, I just have to hunt down and own them. I am finally convinced to take mines out their boxes and start wearing them more often. I used to just wear them for a special occasion because some have the necklace and matching bracelets.
  4. My latest addition of cocktail rings : cushion cut smoky quartz set in rose gold. I chose the simple setting so I could wear this casual during the day and dress up for the evenings/nights.
    SmokyQuartz.jpg SmokyQuartz4.jpg SmokyQuartz3.jpg
  5. ^ That's pretty ms piggy! Congrats!
  6. I love it Ms Piggy!! I have a few with that type of cut & in simple settings---I love them & wear them almost every day!

  7. Here is my latest addition. :yahoo:
    Antique Filgree Topaz.jpg
  8. does anyone remember the cost of these when they first came out? i seem to remember them being less than $1500 (the current cost on the US website). am i just being forgetful or where they closer to $1000? thanks!
  9. Love this thread!! Keep posting pics of your cocktail rings ladies or websites you think are good.
  10. Love them! Especially huge but in a very very very simple design with one beautiful gemstone or ginormous pearl and without other bling.
  11. Bumped this thread because i feel im at an age wherein cocktail/statement rings already look good on me:smile: how bout you tpf ladies?:smile: i hope you can share your eye-catching rings!
  12. That smoky quartz is gorgeous, ms piggy!
  13. [​IMG]

    This is my favourite cocktail ring.It is a 28ct Kunzite in white gold :smile: