What do you think of Cocktail Rings

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  1. What fun! If I could...I would! xxoo
  2. Another one:smile:
  3. May I ask you where you purchased this ring?
  4. rose quartz, ruby, white sapphire
    1406115731766.jpg 1406115755681.jpg
  5. Oops! Sorry, dont know why 2 pics appeared:smile:
  6. ^lovely...it looks vintage

    ^fabulous ring! I've been looking for a rose quartz ring.
  7. LOVE your ring!! May I ask where you bought it. :smile:
  8. Thanks frick&frack, sabella, i got it from eBay seller, zen-24:smile: as well as this blue and white sapphire:smile:
  9. Aquamarine:smile:
  10. ^^ wow gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  11. Fabulous rings emem2 :biggrin:
  12. Thanks ladies!:smile: there are days i just want the simple, dainty look but most days i want something eye-catching on my finger:smile: i feel like there's lots of energy coming out from big stones:smile:
  13. I love cocktail rings. Even though I have small hands, I like the power feeling of a big ring and don't feel they're oversized.

  14. Exactly!
    I love cocktail rings even though I don't have one, I must look through my grandmothers jewellery box to see if I can get one :lol: