What do you think of Cocktail Rings

  1. Usually I think they are reserved for special occasions but I have been seeing more ladies wearing them daily. Today I saw a lady with a ring similar to this one but center stone was much bigger, she said it was called the "Duchess" and I thought it was so beautiful and told her so.
    27800-Princess-Cut Champagne Cubic Zirconia Princess Ring.jpg
  2. I love chunky rings and like the cocktail rings in semi-precious stones esp those with one big stone. I think they make gorgeous right hand rings.
  3. I love wearing cocktail rings with a casual outfit. My favorite is a large black onyx and diamond ring that I tend to wear with jeans and a worn-in grey t-shirt.
  4. I love cocktail rings and I think they can be worn everyday, casual or formal.
  5. I think they are fabulous dahling :drinkup: lol
  6. LOVE cocktail rings! All the time!
  7. I agree they can be worn casual and formal if the design is kept simple and clean - one big gem stone with little or no bling. It can be totally chic with jeans!
  8. I love them too. I think they emphasize the right hand gorgeously. I have changed my nail polish to match the ring. I love to wear them but a lot of times don't because I am always doing something around the house.
  9. Very classy and sexy on women in my opinion
  10. I'm not engaged, so a cocktail ring is how I accessorize my hand... Love them.
  11. I always wear one of my large and heavy right hand rings (and sometimes on my left hand, instead of my wedding set) without regard to my clothing or destination. My rings are for ME! It and bracelets are my favorite since I can see and enjoy them all day long, not just when I pass a mirror. The only problem is not to get distracted while driving. If you love it, wear it.
    And do not be shy to compliment a ring you like on someone. It might just make their day.
  12. I say they are for casual and formal, but it depends on the style of the person and if they can carry it off. I've seen people wearing them at formal occasions and they looked ridiculous, but perfect on someone else wearing jeans....I think the era of "cocktail rings" for evening wear is being replaced by the era of "RHRs" which you can wear whenever it suits you.

    Liberation, baby! :yahoo:
  13. They are made of awesome, I love them! I wear them all the time for any occasion on both hands, sometimes I'll even do 2 on the same hand if they coordinate.
  14. Stacking cocktails rings are actually in vogue now.
  15. Love them! I prefer the ones with one huge stone though instead of the bling. I have one with an amethyst the size of an olive in an antique gold setting that gets tons of compliments.