what do you think if local LV store call you about your posting?

  1. OK, I am super feel bad :tdown: right now... but I need tPFers opinions.
    Sorry my explanation is not so good in English...

    Today, I got a phone call from the local LV store but I usually don't go the store.
    The person who spoke Japanese and told me, "I saw your blog" nicely.
    I have own LV blog, it's just my hobby.

    She was nice to me and asked me about my blog.
    I was wondering why she knows IT IS ME?
    I had a ID like tPF and I didn't show my name and face.

    She told me, "nice site", "we appereciate you love louis vuitton", "thank you for visiting our store everytime.".....and asked me "where did you get the look book pics? I have never seen them" "Do you remember which store?"

    I had some pictures at my site.
    Some from here and some from other places but I told her, "some web sites, I don't remember where."

    I could tell what she wanted to ask me so I asked her, "do you want me erase the pictures?"
    She said, "are you sure? I'm sorry it's better if you can erase them...."

    It's no problem.
    I said, "yes ofcouse, if something wrong.....I should erase them.... I would."

    And then I asked her, "why do you know that is me?"
    She said, "sorry I don't know how to get your name but I saw your name on your page."

    She was confusing me!!!
    She doesn't know how she knows it's me but she saw my name at my page?????
    Something wrong.

    If they check what I bought, what I have LV items.....and live in Hawaii.
    They can find out it's me easily, I know that but I feel bad they do this way.
    If I got PM from them, it was ok but call my house directly...........

    I feel now.....
    "I don't wanna go there anymore.....shame to visit, shame to buy something. they know my purchases....they know everything about me...."

    What do you think if you get a phone call from LV store and ask about your site or posting?

    I am not get mad, I just feeling low.
  2. Honestly, I think I'd be a bit creeped out...
  3. I agree...that's very strange. I would feel very uneasy about that!!
  4. Wow. I'd be feeling pretty shocked and confused right now. Is your blog just about LV, or some personal stuff, too? I'd be asking them for a clearer explanation of how the heck they got your name from your blog (or otherwise). But I'd definitely take down the lookbook pics since they've made that much effort to ask you.

    But overall, what an odd thing to happen!
  5. very strange indeed. hmm, maybe you can check with your store if it really was a legit call..
  6. ^I agree
  7. Something sounds a little fishy! That is a tad creepy!
  8. Good point, Pia. :yes:
  9. That is creepy.
  10. whoa, the internet is a scary place...
  11. that's very odd...I wouldn't personally erase the pics or do anything different with the blog. who is she to tell you what to do? she's no LV authority.
  12. This is kinda weird. Do you have a Japanese site? Did you get the person's name and phone number who called you? Are you sure it was someone from the LV stores? You should find out...
  13. noe, what store called you? ala moana always shows up as a blocked ID on my cell whenever my SA calls me.

    that is a bit creepy though. my SA knows that i get my info from a "forum" and she doesn't seem to mind at all.
  14. WOW! Thats weird I'd do what the other ladies have said and call to check out if its legit but it just sounds so weird I don't understand why an LV store would call about that... Its your blog you're entitled to do as you please... usually anyone can look at a look book if you ask an SA, so why is this different?
  15. :hrmm: