What do you think about this LE LV tote...

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  1. I don't like it. I am not a fan of the neverfull, that is too much for pay for a neverfull, and I think the cartoon on the side is fug.

    And that is my honest opinion. But it should not influence you. If YOU like it, why not get it?
  2. Same here. Not much of a fan of the Neverfull especially the outrageously mark-up for the MOCA. But, don't let my opinion get in your way. If you love it. Buy it.
  3. I like it, I have a regular Mono Neverfull MM and I love it. I love the MOCA version too.
  4. I LOVEEEEEEEEE my moca neverfull! :]
  5. Love the MOCA, but REALLY love the St. Tropez which I broke down and got recently!
  6. I haven't warmed up to the neverfull at all. The side strap things just bug me so much.
  7. I'd rather get a regular mono - it's so much extra for the detail which imo isn't really that great.
  8. I love neverfull... but I prefer my neverfull without hands:smile:
  9. I have the MOCA Neverfull MM and the only thing I like about it is the Pink lining. I used it once and don't like the thin straps. I'm only keeping it because it was a gift from Hubby!
  10. Not a huge fan of the Neverfull, so this design never did appeal to me...
  11. my thoughts exactly
  12. I have the Neverfull MM and love it! Originally I was not a fan of the Neverfull...but bought it and fell hard for it! I encourage those that don't like it to try it! You will love how easy it is to use and how incredibly roomy it is--truly it is never full! I do not have the MOCA since I don't care for that cartoon design.
  13. honestly: I like it, a lot, but wouldn't pay that price for it!
  14. That bag is not worth the price.