What do you think about paying for your own E Ring??

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  1. I'm so excited to see your new halo!!! How long have you been waiting?

    I hit my 4 week mark last week. Estimated was 4-6wks so should be any day. The store is closed Monday's so tomorrow we will see if it comes in. Ill probably take a day off work to stalk UPS when it comes! My sister got her tacori 2620 back about two weeks ago and she ordered not too long before me so hopefully soon! I can't wait!
  2. I've lost track as to how long I've been waiting, but I do know that I initiated the process late January!

    My jeweller has had 2 castings done, but she wasn't happy with them. It has to be PERFECT (hello Ame!), and so it's in the process now of being perfected. Hopefully by the end of this week, I can drop off my current ring and they'll simply pop out my diamond (clean it) and set it into the new halo setting.

    With all of this trouble, I sincerely hope it's worth the wait! Something tells me it is!

    I cannot wait to see your ring Whoops. You have a gorgeous diamond going into a stunning setting. I have a feeling you will be staring at your ring for a long while ;)
  3. A - let him buy the ring. When he can afford it later, he will buy the ring of your dreams during one of your wedding anniversaries =)
  4. It just all depends on how badly the girl wants the ring that is outside of her fiances budget.

    Some people are just willing to compromise the element of surprise and romance in order to have their dream ring as soon as possible. It may not be ideal for them to chip in for it, but dream rings can some times outweigh the fairy tale proposal of the fiance doing it all by himself.

    My opinion for myself would be A. I want my dream ring, but I have been willing to wait for my bf to save up in order to purchase it all on his own, he's also mentioned several times that he would never accept money for this particular purchase anyways. So we both agree on the principle behind it. I could pitch in some money as a "loan" and speed up the process, but I think I would always be resentful given this is one of the most romantic gestures a man ever does for a woman, IMO. So, I really would like the full experience, even though the waiting process has been :tumbleweed:
  5. v v well said