What do you put in your grilled cheese?

  1. I love to make my grilled cheese sandwich with three different kinds of cheese (provolone, muenster, and white chedder...each thinly sliced), onions, and tomoatoes...sprinkled with olive oil and parmesan cheese (on the inside) and a light layer of butter on the outside. Yum!!! =)
  2. yum! i put cheddar and tomato. my bf puts mayo...kind of strange to me but he swears by it!
  3. A-1 Steak Sauce and Kraft American Cheese. Ya either love it or hate it. I love it!
  4. I'd like to try your recipe. Grilled cheese is the one thing I don't mind cooking. I use Havarti and mozzerella with a little butter on the outside of the bread (whole wheat). And if I'm lucky enough to have a fresh garden tomato, I add some slices when I'm done cooking.
  5. just cheese and pickles!!!!! I LOVE IT! I put a slice of cheese on each side of the bread and put the pickles in the middle, then grill it! YUMMY
  6. Ahh you are a genius. I love A1, but never thought about putting it in my grilled cheese. I'm definately doing this today! Thanks for the tip!
  7. I usually only put cheese in the middle but often eat it with sliced tomatoes or pickles on top.
  8. I use butter on the outside of the bread, and inside I layer a slice Kraft Deluxe American cheese(must be this exact cheese), a thin layer of Monterrey Jack cheese, and then another slice of American cheese. It's quite creamy :tup:

    My oldest son likes it with slices of pepperoni in it, but that's too much for me. As it is I rarely eat grilled cheese because it is a heavy food.
  9. Oh good lord, this sounds amazing!! Except I'd leave out the onions (hate them). I'm dying to try this now!!

    I usually just use american cheese with tomato slice, but your version is like the Mac Daddy of grilled Cheese!!!
  10. I just use bread and cheddar cheese. No butter. But I'm gonna give your recipe a try!
  11. ^ Me too, no butter. I like wheat bread and sharp cheddar. Eaten with tomato soup, it's my faaaavourite comfort food. Mmmmm...getting hungry again....!
  12. Not really a grilled cheese person, but I'll make it quickly if I'm in a bind, out of a good whole grain bread and muenster cheese.
  13. Cheese with tomatoes on wheat bread!
  14. I have to say that I like to use a thicker type of bread, usually Havarti cheese, or a mixture of sharp cheddar and American--it makes a good creamy/stringy cheese combo. I do use a little butter on the outside to toast it up, as well.
  15. This is so ironic b/c guess what we're having for dinner tonight? Grilled cheese!