What do you guys think about Mulberry Bayswater bag?

  1. It's 495 pound.I'm thinking about buying it. Or should i buy Balenciaga?
  2. Get the Bayswater ! It is so classic and versatile, I just love mine. It goes with almost anything.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I love Mulberry bags. I don't have a Bayswater yet, but I have a Rosemary and a Phoebe. The leather is fabulous on their bags. They are very well made IMO.
  5. Love the color. It is a classic shape and probably will lend more use than a Balenciaga
  6. Thanks so much for your wonderful opinion.

    I already have one Mulberry bag.It is kind of a messenger style. The problem is when i used it ,the color from the jeans stick to my bag and it 's hard to get it out. I 'm not sure whether it only happen with Mulberry leather or not. However, it won't stop my heart for buying another one.....
  7. I think the Bayswater is such a classic bag. I saw some in Harrods before they were all over the place and was tempted to buy one. I think they are very well made. Is that the color you want to get? It is so pretty.
  8. I love the look of the bag but can't get past the no lining thing.
  9. I adore the Bayswater as well, a bag you'll wear forever!
  10. Mulberry is a brand that keeps calling my name, more than Chloe or YSL or even Dior! There's just something so amazing about bags like the Bayswater, which I'd rather have than a Birkin (really!) and the Phoebe which I even prefer to a Dior Saddle, which for years has been my dream bag!

    Because I like to get full use out of things before I replace them, I'm literally just waiting for either my current work bag (black leather tote from Promod in Brussels) to wear out, or for the Bayswater to be in an amazing sale (LVR, are you listening?) before I buy one.

    Love Mulberry!!!! If I'd been aware of it as a brand at the time, I don't think I'd have even bought my paddy and b-bag!
  11. My mom just got a Bayswater bag and it is excellently crafted. It will definitely stand the test of time, but I agree with the no lining comment. It is rather odd to me. I'm personally a Balenciaga girl myself so I'd go with the B-bag, but you really can't go wrong with a Mulberry either. Sorry, I'm no help!
  12. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of not having a lining as well, but I find my Phoebe (which I love using, thanks to Loren on this forum!) is really comfortable to use, the leather is amazing and, this is the important bit, there is no shedding! it's like it's got a suede lining, even though there isn't one at all.

    Mulberry is fantastic, last-through-the-generations quality leather and stitching. Your granddaughters will love your bag and it'll still be in good shape for them to borrow! :biggrin:
  13. I think the Mulberry will last, trend-wise, longer than the Balenciaga. The bag that you posted is absolutely, classically beautiful, right down to the color. I have never seen one in real life, though, so....
  14. The bayswater is a classical bag, the Balenciaga is rather not...I like both, it depends on your needs..
  15. What does this bag have in terms of interior pockets? Just curious.