What do we think about bidding on items with reused pics...

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  1. NOT stolen pics... but pics that they took, used to sell an item a week ago, then listed the same item using the same pics.

    Is that a bad sign? I've seen this happen twice now, and it makes me nervous buying... but in both cases, the sellers have GREAT, almost perfect, feedback.
  2. I've seen the same thing, and it always makes me a little nervous too! I guess theoretically its no different than buying from a drilldown pic from the company website BUT they stand behind their products and offer returns in the event that you aren't happy. My guess is this seller doesn't have the inventory to do that, so they really should be showing the actual item so there aren't any surprises IMO!
  3. I sell on ebay and sometimes have twenty of the same item. I take one set of pictures and use them over and over.

    I think it is really asking alot to get a new set of pictures for each item.
    Of course mine are identical items and are brand new.
  4. I sell at ebay and I reused photos too. I only sell authentic and brand new item as well. Being a seller I feel that it's indeed very time consuming to take photos, upload and post it at ebay. On the other hand, hitting the "relist" button is a lot easier. I understand buyer's concern though. As a buyer, i personally wouldn't mind if the seller resused photos.
  5. i think it's fine for identical, brand new items.

    not ok for used items!!!
  6. UGH I hate it - it makes me nervous and I tend to stay away from any item that has reused pics. The only exception I make is with a trusted seller - someone who specialises in selling authentic bags/accessories, has done for a long time and has a great reputation on tPF.

    In the past, I have messaged sellers to ask for photos of the actual item, if I've had any doubts. Good sellers always seemed happy to oblige! That said, I haven't bought anything off eBay for about 4 years because it's so risky nowadays.
  7. Yeah I get that if they have a bunch of something, it'd be time consuming to take pics of each item... but sometimes there are slight variations and I know it'd make *me* feel better knowing that I'm getting exactly what I see.

    I tried asking for more pics of one item I was watching but I never heard back so I passed... it went for a good price too. Blah.
  8. I would always ask for the pics of the original item if it's a bag. If they don't have it in their possession no way am I going to buy. Plus if a seller can't be bothered to respond I don't want to do business with them. For other items it just depends on the item and seller. My DH just got a GPS from a stock pic, but it was from a store and they had great feedback. So I guess just take each transaction on an individual basis, but for a bag, no real pics, no bid!
  9. It should be fine. I've reused pictures with some dresses that I sold. The point is that if you don't feel comfortable, either don't bid or ask the seller about it. Most great sellers wouldn't have any problem fulfilling your requests.
  10. Unless your item is EXACTLY the same and there is no chance for the second item to have any flaws (i.e. a poster or book), then I much prefer individual pictures. Pic recycling is a no-no IMO, especially for bags.
  11. Never for a bag... used NOR new!!

    But for things like DVDs still in packaging - I don't really care.
  12. That bag needs to be reported by several people if it is fake. Fakes are not allowed or tolerated!!!! Look at bottom of listing and click report this item and report it please.
  13. please, be easier on me!!! i reported it DAYS ago. believe me, i hate fakes too. ebay hasn't taken it down.

    this is the second fake black Longchamp the seller has sold.
  14. Twenty? Of the same item? I hope you don't mean branded handbags, because I have been told that's a red flag.

    My husband sells old books, and naturally they all have to be photographed individually. It isn't that tough.