What do I do with a ugly, gross fake? Burn it?!

  1. Well, after a long-running saga that resulted from purchasing a fake Chanel bag off eBay, the bag has now been returned to me twice after two different addresses the seller gave me were wrong. The money has been refunded to me by my credit card company, but the bag keeps boomeranging back to me! The question is, what do I do with it? Everytime I go near the box I could swear the synthetic smell makes me faint, whilst the mere awfulness of the fake dust cover is enough to bring tears to my eyes.

    I can't keep it, that's for sure. But I've never been good at throwing things away. Perhaps I should give it to a charity shop...but that's just cruel for the end recipient, isn't it? Any suggestions? :p
  2. it woul just perpeutate fakes being passed around or possibly sold. Can you remove any tags from it first and then donate it?
  3. ahhhh I feel your pain, nothing worse than having a gross fake in the house lol

    Did you contact the awful seller, and advised you have attempted to send it back twice!, (in one way its great that the return wasnt possible, as they would only have tried to sell it on to another poor unsuspecting buyer :sad:)

    We could have a sunday competition and find the most bizarre way to get rid of it.

    Im thinking tying it to a bunch of helium balloons and seeing where it ends up :biggrin:
  4. I was actually going to suggest giving it to charity as well...But you could donate it to a local yard sale, the salvation army, a church which helps the disadvantage or battered women...I am certain that someone would get good use out of it...Good luck with getting rid of the bag...

  5. hahahahah...i like this idea!
  6. Ha ha ha, I love this idea too! Or maybe I could put it in a giant, corked bottle and drop it in the ocean with a note and see where it travels too :p
  7. I would toss it in the bin, just where it belongs. If you give it to charity or whatever, it could end up again on eBay and someone else might get scammed this way.
  8. Someone on the LV forum dissected a fake. It was pretty entertaining and educational too!
  9. ok, so if we are destroying it! I vote barbeque or chainsaw lol :biggrin:
  10. I second the barbeque idea! In fact, I think you should video it and put it up on youtube. Maybe we could start a trend and make it chic for everyone to burn their fake bags... wouldn't the world be a better place?
  11. Ha ha ha, that's a great idea! What a way to spread the word about saying no to fakes....barbecuing it and posting it on YouTube! :yahoo:
  12. ^^Oh! an educational YOUTUBE video! Dissect the fake while pointing out why it's fake. that's brilliant.
  13. i say give it to a charity or something.....its still a bag where u can put stuff in.....but its a fake.....i dunno i hate it when i see a fake sooo...i dunno what u can do with it...get rid of the cc's on the bag maybe hahahaa
  14. Maybe you could do a craft project with it that covers up the markings. Paint little pink elephants on it or something. Then donate it.
  15. garbage!