What colour jumbo to get??

  1. Hello girls! I've been away from this forum for too long, missed all of you! How has everyone been?

    So my ban lasts till the wedding, which is in 3 weeks accck!!! And I think it's about time I started planning my next Chanel purchase!(just don't tell my fiance I'm starting so early HAHA)

    I have pretty much decided on getting a jumbo flap next (unless I try it on and it really looks too big for me) but not sure what colour to get! I originally wanted cream/white (btw can someone tell me how many variations of white the classic flap comes in??) cos I don't have any decent-sized white bags, but the other colours I've seen (like purple, red) are so beautiful!

    Also I am SO out of touch, can anyone tell me what classic flap colours are coming out in Spring 08? Tks babes!!!! :p
  2. i want to know too about the spring colours
  3. Oh, and can anyone tell me the price of the jumbo flap now, after price-increase? Tks a bunch!!!!
  4. Welcome back!!! The caviar Jumbo went from 2275 to 2260 IIRC.
  5. Hi Aurora! Thanks!!! Wow 2260 huh... Okay I can tryyyy to deal w that hahaha... But why is Chanel getting so darn expensive!!!
  6. Sorry, didn't get enough sleep. It went from 2250 to 2660! Goodness what's wrong with me..
  7. Hi Shiny Hair :smile:,

    Noticed that you're in Singapore - The KL boutique brought in white jumbo flaps (snow white, not cream) in caviar. It comes with either silver or gold chains. So it's highly possible that the Singapore b has them too. I'm 5'3 and the bag works great for me with shortened chains. Happy hunting! :smile:
  8. classic jumbo's new retail price now is at US$2650
  9. YIKESS!!!!! 2660??? That is just daylight robbery!! Great, now I can blame my fiance for making me pay more cos of the ban HAHAA. Whyyyyy is it so expensive now???
  10. Ooh thanks!! How much is it in KL, if you dun mind me asking??
  11. Yup, $2,250 to $2,650. I really recommend getting it in white. I have a white jumbo and it is GORGEOUS. :drool: White just gives such a great contrast, especially if you frequently wear darker colored clothing. Haven't had any problems with color transfer yet *knock on wood*.

    I also just got the black patent today and it's gorgeous as well!
  12. Congrats on your upcoming wedding. There is a thread somewhere about the S/S colors. I am 5'3" and the jumbo is fine on me.
  13. FYI - For Jumbo in singapore, it retails abt SGD4300:love:

    It went up for abt 14% as compared to USA which increase for 10%
  14. Ideal color for Jumbo will be red or purple (but it's impossible to find since it's seasonal color)....Me too wuld love to know abt the new 08 color for the classic range!
  15. Yikes, I'd better start saving! I'll probably skip a Balenciaga to get the Jumbo first!