What COLOUR do you tend to go for?


What COLOUR GROUP to you tend to go for?

  1. Brown

  2. Black

  3. Red

  4. Blue

  5. Green

  6. Pink

  7. Grey

  8. Purple

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I've just noticed that I first got two black BBags, a black First and a black City, then two red BBags, a RV Purse and a RV Money, and then two blue BBags, a Cornflower Shoulder and a BI Purse...

    Do you notice that you tend to get more than one in a patricular colour group?

    Am looking forward to reading your responses!:yes::heart:
  2. Black and Grenat.

    Black rules!!- I have this color in First, City, Twiggy and Work- different functions.
  3. I am always drawn toward all the blues. Bal makes the best blues.
  4. For me, not really. I'm all over the place with colors. Does that say anything about my personality?

    This is my order of purchases: Rouge Theatre, Teal, Black, Cafe', French Blue & Vert Gazon, Anthracite and Magenta. I have 3 more on the way, but I'm not telling. ;) Oh and they're all different shades as well.
  5. Wow, sounds like you collection will be even more versatile, Cracker! Love it!:heart:

    I just noticed that I can't choose a colour group in the pole because I am now thinking about a Purple Make Up and of course, would love to own an Eggplant Purse one day...:rolleyes:
  6. I love the blacks and the reds, too, Knn!:yes::heart:

    I chose blue in the poll now, too Lizz, because the do make the most beautiful blues and purple and dark blue are very close IMO!:love:
  7. I'm more drawn towards the purply tones.
  8. There is just something about the Blues that I just LOVE:heart: I have to admit, it is usually the leather I am drawn to more than the color. If I see a bag with fabulous leather I try to justify adding that color to my collection. :graucho:
  9. I used to prefer "cool" toned colors, now I have a bbag in every basic color... But in general my favourite colors are pretty caramel tones,pinks and lilacs.
  10. Blue seems to be winning!:yes:
  11. Jewel tones in general.. but I own a lot of reds!
  12. hands down, BLACK!!!!
  13. Definitely Red!! No doubt!
  14. Marie,
    May I ask where you got your BI purse? I was convinced there were only three of these in existence.
  15. I don't think I'm allowed to write that here, Allisonfaye, but I will be getting your BI Purse's little sister;)