What Chanel do you not have? bags? rtw? shoes? jewellery?.......


C'est Magnifique!
Sep 18, 2007
i have everything from Chanel except a tweed jacket of my own! i have my mom's vintage Chanel RTW including some suits and nice shirts but i wish to have my own tweed jacket. that's my HG for RTW :graucho: and is a part of my list of things to get LOL!

as for shoes, i have a pair of lambskin and patent double straps ballet flats and the iconic devil wears prada thigh high boots, both from last F/W '06. sad collection but i'm more inclined towards CL so lol. i'm planning to get another pair which is in the midst of a deal now, so hopefully it goes through and i get her! ;)


May 1, 2006
I havent got any clothing yet! I must confess, I have only just started for fall for the Chanel shoes, I personally think they are more directional now, whereas before they were very classic and a tad dull!

I would love a fabby pearl necklace next :smile:


May 1, 2007
I have shoes and bags. No jewelry or RTW. I just put in an offer on a very fab jacket on ebay because the prices of the new jackets are so high. Hope I get it and hope its worth it! Not too sure about the jewelry. All my jewelry is real and I would have to love it to death to buy costume. The real Chanel,once again, is kind of disproportionately expensive. But you know how we are..........never say never cause tomorrow you might "have to have it":shrugs:


Quality not Quantity. Less can be more!
Feb 10, 2007
No CHANEL jewelry here - I really really don't care for costume jewelry at all, even if it's CHANEL costume jewelry. The J12 is a beautiful watch and the only CHANEL jewelry I'd consider, but I simply love Cartier watches so I'll pass on the CHANEL jewelry, including the J12.


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
Hmm, I have Chanel cosmetics (haven't bought much recently, not impressed with the pigmentation, though I have tons and tons from before), sunnies, costume jewelry, bags (haha, obviously :P), and shoes (just two pairs of flats). I don't have any RTW, simply because it's mad $$$$$ haha, and I'm very picky (40% off means nothing unless it's absolutely stunning)... so unless I happen to find the perfect tweed jacket/coat on sale, I probably won't be buying any RTW. :smile: