What chanel bags are there for not a drop over $1700 with tax?

  1. I'm still looking for a black everday chanel bag. casual enough to wear everday but dressy enough to wear out to dinner. I can't spend over $1,700 can anyone recommend something? if anyone has photo's please post:yes:
  2. Maybe a petit shopping tote if you don't carry around too much.
  3. Check out the reference photos of the large black/black cambon tote, I think it's pretty versatile, I like a big everyday bag though!
  4. I have a lot of totes. I was hoping to get a bowling bag, one of my classmates has a black caviar quilted bowling bag, she said she paid 1200 for it, I was hoping there was a bigger one then hers. cause its only 9 inches.
  5. I'm not a fan of totes if you're looking for something that can go into evening... I never carry a tote out for dinner. I'd probably lean towards a classic flap in caviar - it's $1595 US, so will come in at around $1700 with taxes.

    There are tons of pics in the subforums at the top of the page.
  6. The Jumbo flap is $1695. You can save sales tax by doing a charge-send via phone from an out of state store. Just tell them you want to send the bag as a gift to yourself. A nice s/a will gladly comply. You can't do this by walking into a local store and purchasing in person, unless you have the bag sent out of state.
  7. do you have a picture of the jumbo flap?
  8. oh wait is that it on your icon on the left?
  9. No, those are bags from the Luxury line.

    Here's a pic of my dark brown Jumbo Flap. It's super comfy and holds a lot. I'm 5'2" to give you an idea of proportion.
    JumboFlapSit.JPG JumboFlapShoulder2.jpg
  10. beautiful!
  11. Heres my Jumbo Caviar in blk/slvr hardware .
    Picture019.jpg Picture016.jpg
  12. The jumbo caviar flap is absolutely the best everyday bag. It's sturdy and holds alot.
  13. classic flaps are good!
    and caviar is cheaper than lambksin :smile:

    I recommend you go into the store - try on the bags and you will see which one your heart desires
  14. Thanks for the posts!

  15. that is a great bag!!
    (OT, Roey is that a rag doll cat in the background?? My oliver is a ragdoll and looks a lot like that one!)