What case are you rocking w/ iPhone 4S?

  1. It IS pretty...in the light it's a little metallic!
  2. Do you use a screen protector with your case?
  3. My cases came with screen protectors but I don't use them. I find the iPhone 4s has a different screen. It stays clean all day! And i'm Italian which = greasy..:p
  4. I do use my screen protector, just because when I had the 4, my son dropped it and somehow scratched the screen a few times.
  5. I do. I won't ever use a phone without one. My DH removed his and within 24 hours destroyed the screen. I may send it in to be repaired.
  6. I just got a pink and blue otterbox, but I thinking about getting a swarovski crystal case
  7. I've got the Speck candyshell case in pink/white. It looks awesome on my white 4s. I also have an uncommon case from the Apple store. Waiting on otterbox to get the white/pink option. And yes, I do like accessorize my 4s. It's what I do.
  8. I got a clear Griffin Flexgrip for the time being while I'm looking for a more permanent case that I like. Nothing's really catching my eye, though. I quite like this one in either white or purple but that's about it.

    Oh and I have Power Support Crystal front & back protectors. Not the cheapest screen films out there but I like them a lot.

  9. Beautiful! Thx for the link. I just bought this.
  10. ahaa... i got mine can i show to you guys?minimaxdeal.com/images/middle/mic/058658.jpg
  11. Thanks for the link too... I sent this to my dh.. and he researched it (like he does on all his new gadgets) and we ended up buying a black & white cover. ;)
  12. It is a hard case, the front and back snap into the sides, its not bendable at all