What case are you rocking w/ iPhone 4S?

  1. I got the white one, and it definately has discoloring issues. I am planning to take it off and use one of those magic sponges on it to see if it helps. It is a really nice case, but If you have a white phone, I can understand not wanting a black case. That's why I'm not returning mine.....
  2. Thank you for alerting me to this. That email went into my junk box... I would've never found out! AHHH!!

    Will you please let me know if you find anything else that is sleek and sexy for the white? :graucho:
  3. Will do~!.. Although, when we first got our phones.. I ordered a slim cheapy case from Amazon that also happened to be in white. It turned peach on me within several hours!

    I ended up just switching my order to black w/ chrome. ;)

    LJS58.. let us know if the magic eraser works!
  4. Are you happy with it? I wanted a soft case to protect it but look stylish at the same time. I received a shipment notification overnight so hopefully it will be delivered today!!! I love Zappos!
  5. Hi,

    I tried the magic eraser, but it didn't make much difference. Then I got out the scotch brite for non-stick surfaces, and did a fair amount of scrubbing with some dish detergent. It's much better now, no visible scratches from the scotch brite, but it's still not really white. Much better though. I think I'll try to maintain it once a week like this until I find a white case that isn't slippery and stays white. Anyone have a suggestion for a good white case that adds minimal bulk?? Thanks!
  6. I got these two. The studded case is from Etsy. The leopard case is from Jcrew.
    server.jpg il_75x75_268871912.jpg

  7. Did you get this one one? I really want great protection...I have an Otterbox on my 3gs, and I love the sturdiness, etc. of it. I wish I could bring myself to get something cute...but I know me..I'm butterfingers!:biggrin:


    Don't really understand why they are all different prices...I guess for the colors...:shrugs:
  8. Yes that is the one I have. I got the white and blue and it looks really good on the white phone. I'm not really sure about the different prices either. I got mine on the Otterbox site and they are all the same price there.
  9. Thanks, Lost Girl! ^^ I ordered one slighter sturdier (Otterbox Defender instead of commuter...) I am scared of the all glass 4s. :p
  10. Wow, I love the studs!
  11. http://www.lifeproof.com/lifeproof-store/apple-cases/iphone-4-g2

    I had an Otterbox until my coworkers picked this bad boy up. SOOOO slim and better protection! I'm also waitlisted for the ipad2 case. It's spendy, but I have a kid who likes to take stuff and throw it. He cracked my first Otterbox...