What BV is tempting you right now?

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  1. Just curious to read what folks are percolating/plotting/planning as a possible BV purchase.

    I'll start.

    I am percolating on the Walnut Parachute and Ardoise Large Veneta. It's defintely a slow brew.

    V's doggone parachute keeps popping in my head and recent hubbub about Ardoise (do I blame you Krawford?) has me quite curious about this color because I do so love to live in the grey.

    I did think about a Tangerine Iron bag but I have the same bag in Shock and it's really perfect as a fun summer flirty bag so I can't even justify percolating on a would-be replacement.
  2. I am stalking the BV website waiting for a baseball cervo to appear in gray. I am hoping it appears before I qualify for Medicare! You may laugh, but that's only a year away and there is no gray cervo in sight.
  3. I'm loving the nero mini roma!
  4. I am constantly thinking about an orange baseball cervo hobo, and orange large or maxi Veneta, and a large or maxi Veneta in Orchid and/ or shock.

    But my mind keeps going back to the orange baseball hobo!!!!
  5. I am thinking about the Nero Sloane. Have not seen the Sloane in person but am hoping to when I am away this weekend and will be close to a BV store.
  6. Mini Roma - its so cute!
  7. I want a neutral rete tote and a white large (or maxi!) veneta. But I've bought several bags in the past few months, so I need to resist temptation and save for a bit. sigh.
  8. I'm assuming you've seen the one on e-Bay - I know the seller and I've had this 'pumpkin' (non-metallic copper) before - it's a great shade. Not too bright. But you may be looking for a brighter orange, IDK
  9. Definitely a small brick bag, haven't seen a color I would like yet. Oh and Kris Jenner's black Sloane has been on my mind a lot as well.
  10. Yes, I do like the color on that bag....but originally I wanted a brighter shade. But I am considering the bag on ebay.

    You've had this color......I realize all computers show colors differently. But would say this is a vibrant color? It looks deeply saturated, which I love, but is there any brightness to it? Or is it a more subdued shade? Your opinion please :smile:
  11. It's subdued. <--- and suddenly that word looks funny to me. ::sigh:: It is deeply saturated, but not bright.
  12. Thanks Indiaink!
  13. I saw a woman carrying a well worn Bella bag the other day and cannot get it out of my mind. She was the picture of casual-chic and that black Bella just completed the image perfectly. I thought I wanted it in Electrique, but am thinking the Nero would be my lifelong love -- :biggrin:
  14. Definitely a large veneta in either adroise or now after the corot reveal the other day, the corot large veneta :rolleyes:.
  15. Oh, what a timely thread to stumble upon... :graucho:

    Hey grietje! I am (as you said) "percolating" on my first BV. I would love a brown veneta... the color "junior" on the bv website is gorgeous! The walnut looks lovely too, but I think it might be too light. Then there's the whole medium vs. large size conundrum! So much to consider... :thinking: