What BE are you wearing today?

  1. I've been wearing my SMM fuschia lately to break her in. Before that I was wearing my purple LMM which is now nice and squishy.
  2. Sorry to ask this....what does 'bump' mean?!!! Please excuse my 'Britishness'!! :confused1:
  3. That means I went into the old threads and found this one and "bumped" it back up to the top of the list; to revive it.
  4. Today, I am using my AP in pewter crash and very nice it is too!
  5. Cheers TG! Our terminology is so very different across the globe! Either that or I'm getting old!! I'm only in my 30's! LOL!! :smile:
  6. I'm using my LMM purple too. I got it out for the first time on Saturday for dinner, and one of my best friends said it was her favourite out of all of my bags so far!
  7. Congrats.. I love when I hear compliments on BE bags!
  8. Today, I am officially switching out of my Tan Hold Me, and into my Choco Stroke Me...if only because I haven't given it much wear, and all this talk of Stroke Me's, has me wanting to wear mine!

    So: Choco Stroke Me!
  9. Look at my avatar....yes...she is my friend today and for awhile as I LOVE my SM Tan!
  10. Tan Hold me today. I've been wearing it everyday since it arrived and can't seem to make a switch over. This bag is just too chic and easy!

    Thanks TG for your suggestion to wear it nonstop for the first couple weeks, your right, the leather is totally different from when it first arrived. I love it so much, I can't stop wearing.
  11. Oh lovebags, you are the sweetest. So happy you're happy! It was hard for me to switch out of the Tan Hold Me into the Choco Stroke Me...because the tan leather is so SCRUMPTIOUS.

    I'm feeling the need for a real summer bag now, since all my bags are so dark...black, brown, black, brown. No can do! Gotta pay college tuition!
  12. Aaah TG- thank you so much for your kind words. Just know, I feel the same way about you. I've always loved reading all your comments here and find you give wonderful advice that deals with life and not just, handbags!!!! Thank you again, my friend for everything!!!!
  13. I finally got the chance to use my IY black/python today. Yum!
  14. ^^^^Now that's a power bag. That's a "don't hate me because I've got a fabulous bag" bag. You are a lucky girl!
  15. I'm using my new Wine SMM! Ahhhh that smell.....

    Quick question: Does the Black Crash LMM break in and get squishy like that glorious purple LMM???