What BE are you wearing today?

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  1. Because it is so hot and springlike here in paradise...I'm wearing my very casual and easy Tan Hold Me.

    When I go to New York in two weeks, I'll take my Take Me Away weekender for the plane.

    Pewter Angel Purse goes with me everyday, everywhere.
  2. My Tan Indulge Me!
  3. Ms. Hold Me in Purple Crash!
  4. Quick Salon trip and took my mini HM! (the only BE I have yet)
  5. LM in pewter crash!
  6. I've been carrying my LMM in chocolate the past few days. I am anxiously awaiting my LM midi in dark grey and my IY in tan so that I can carry those!!
  7. ^^^Cannot wait to see your pix of IY in Tan! Tan is now my favorite leather!!!
  8. My Stroke Me in glossy tan!!!
  9. LMM in purple!!
  10. SMM in Chocolate but at the sametime conditioning my LM in Dark Grey.
  11. LM in dark grey - but that is a no-brainer because it is my only BE.
    Hey savvy what are you using to condition your LM? I noticed that one of the corners on mine is showing a little wear - I was a little sad but what can you do right? I am having a great time carrying it!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day:smile:
  12. I have 2 brands. Cadillac spray and conditioner that Nordstroms had recommended for my Botkiers, so I decided to use it on my SMM. After much thought, I decided also to order the APPLE care line from the leatherexperts (don't quote me on the name) to compare since a lot of TPF's seem to like it. that is what I am using on my new RM Nikki and LM to see what the difference is. The APPLE brand smells much better than my cream from Cadillac.
  13. Thanks. I always worry that leather conditioner is going to leave a stain. But I guess I should take the plunge.
  14. Thought I'd bump this up.

    I'm still wearing my Tan Hold Me...but I'm thinking of switching to my Choco Stroke Me any day now... I keep my Matte White Clutch Me on my desk, for quick changes for errands when I don't want to take my purse out. I view my handbags as art...and like to have them hanging from doorknobs...so I can enjoy looking at them.
  15. Hey TropicalGal...HAPPY MOTHERS DAY and I will bump this with you!! I have been using my RM Nikki for awhile and today I have switched to my Tan SM!! Love the color and very excited to wear it and see how it looks after a few weeks of use.