what bags do you use in the rain?

  1. i love my bv bags but never want to take a chance with using them in the rain so usually use an lv epi leather bag. what bv bags do you feel comfortable using when it is actively raining?
  2. My Prada washed leather bags. They get soaked and then dry up as good as new!
  3. i've used my BVs in the rain and they have been fine (the dark colors)!
  4. Yes, the dark colour BVs are fine (as in ebano). I should know, as I live in London!
  5. I've only carried bags in Old Petra, and it hasn't been raining around here lately. Usually when it's raining I take a Chevre Hermes--can stand up to just about anything!
  6. My black Carlos Falchi pebbled leather Doctor's Bag. Wears like iron.
  7. I have a Banana Republic bag I bought a couple of years ago.
  8. Same here, if I want to carry a black bag I use my epi speedy 25 if the weather is iffy. You can just wipe the water off w/o having to worry too much about the leather.

  9. Me too!! Epi leather is classy and requires little maintenance.
  10. Will definitely be the LV bucket in Damier, absolutely hardy and indestructible
  11. I use my ball bag in ebano in xxx weather and it doesn't harm her at all.
  12. I will not use my BVs when it's raining....I usually use LV mono/damier or balenciaga.
  13. I use my Loro Piana Globe bag in the rain - the pebbled leather is practically indestructable!!
  14. I think I won`t be afraid of using my BV Nappa Umbria Tote in the rain anymore. Last night I went out with a couple of friends and a waitress managed to spill a hole lot of fruit punch on my bag. I thought I was gonna freak, but I just wiped it off with a napkin and today you don`t see anything at all. So, if my bag can handle fruit punch, it definitely will be able to handle rain, won`t it?
  15. Oh my C_24, furit punch!?! I would have just freaked out!!:wtf:
    Glad that your tote withstood it. Had it been treated in any way (like protective spray)??