What bag is this and what about the chain? *pics*

  1. I'm posting this for leem. She had trouble with the pic. Swanky I started a new thread to show it had pics. Can you delete the old thread?

    My SA just emailed me this pic--she is so great! Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the bag? Also, I haven't seen this type of chain irl. I'm not sure if I like the leather interwoven. What do you all think?

  2. That looks like the Modern Chain flap to me. I thought those were sold out? Did they come out with them again for 07? I like it! Kind of rocker-ish but love the chain with the red!
  3. :yes:
    Yes, very hot MC Flap!

    LOVE it in red and its absolutely back this season :biggrin:
  4. Wow, love it in red...I had one in black I exchanged for the classic flap, but this one is pretty awesome...
  5. This bag is gorgeous!!! What other colours does it come in? any one have the price and code?

  6. Soni--my SA found it in red, black and gray. She said there were only a few gray left in the system, though. I think it was $1595 or so. I am giving props to her because she is so sweet, so if you are interested call her at Saks at (210) 839-5256--Nancy.
  8. The red is really pretty.
  9. Thanks for the info!!! Gonna check and see if London has it.... :tup::idea:
  10. oh, I missed that comment! Have a link? I just looked and didn't see it{?}
  11. got it! I didn't look back that far.
  12. I just purchased it in a glazed brown - love it. It's on the far left:
  13. Love it in brown too!


  14. I love the glazed leather!! Has it scratched easily? That is my only concern. Also, do you mind me asking if the price was around $1595? I just don't want to pay more at Saks if it is less somewhere else.