What are your pets doing right now?

  1. snoozing away
  2. Tuck was sleeping on my bed and Lady was sitting on the arm of my couch looking at me a I left for work with big eyes...trying to convince me to stay home it's still the weekend it's not Monday :biggrin:
  3. Both are cuddling up next to me.
  4. two are sleeping and one is on border patrol... :smile:
  5. Somewhere upstairs.
  6. One is drinking water..the other is cuddled up against SO.
  7. they're fast asleep
  8. sleeping
  9. watching the rain wishing they could go outside
  10. One is sitting on a chair..the other is hiding somewhere..
  11. sleeping in front of the fans
  12. Resting their eyes. Its very exhausting having to unpack new furniture.
  13. taking their after-breakfast nap
  14. This is how she take a nap after giving me a scare yesterday night. Thank god it was just a bee bit.
  15. snoozing on the back porch