What are your pets doing right now?

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  1. We all know that pets tend to do interesting, entertaining and peculiar things, so I figured why not share them.

    My cat is currently wedged between my laptop and I and he has a serious look of irritation on his face because he is smashing himself and apparently thinks that I should move.
  2. haha mine is inside my closet exploring...
  3. My lazy kitties are sleeping...one here where I'm studying, one with SO in bed, and the pup, who is usually at my feet, is gnawing on a hollowed out bone in the living room - I just stuffed some slices of a dog food roll into it.

    My one cat was laying on my notes a little while ago, helping me study :P
  4. Both my dogs are in bed for the night with my DH. My older one is under the covers next to him and my younger one is on her pillow pillow right next to my DH
  5. My two boxers are sleeping, one on my bed one in bed with DD and William the French Bulldog is patroling the yard for birds :Push:
  6. i'm at work so i have no idea what my cats are doing! probably sleeping...although it would be pretty fun to know what they do all day long. maybe someday i need to set up my old computer camera and see what they're up to ;)
  7. Ha, this is funny. I am at work right now. I am sure Reesee is sleeping on the couch, or peeing on the kitchen floor :nogood:
  8. My cat is probably napping.
  9. Bella (girl cat) is having a little self-clean after ating her dinner.
    Murphy (new rescue boy) is sitting by my laptop, every so often walking across the keyboard. I am:love: with him....
  10. my dog is probably staring out the window watching the new pool liner being installed lo
  11. Sleeping.
  12. My cats are making a lot of noise and knocking things off the table and refridgerator. The rabbits are chewing anything they can get their teeth on.
  13. sleeeeeping.
  14. Princess is....I dont know where.

    Mariah is in her bed laying on her back, asleep.
  15. My cat is having a staring contest with his pet fountain, he's been at it for a good 20 minutes.