What are your favourite designer jeans?

  1. I'm usually a GAP jeans girl....but lately I have been lusting over True Religion brand jeans. I want a dark indigo wash.

    My friends swear by 7 for all mankind and Rock and Republic though, what do you guys recommend?
  2. I loove my SFAM Flynts. I have so many pairs of that one fit, in different washes (all dark ones). I was really into Seven bootcuts but IMO flynts are a more flattering cut.

    I just got into TR Joey's...bought my first pair a few weeks ago! I love them. They are reallyyyy low rise though..I have to remember to wear a shirt that will fully cover my "coinslot" when I sit down or bend over.
  3. I'm liking True Religions right now, although R&R are nice too. I also love Tsubis but they are so hard to find in my city.
  4. I have TR, 7FAM, Joe's, Juicy, Hudson, J Brand, Antik, Lucky, Salt Works, Paige, Pd&c... I think that's it. I like them all for different reasons, but I'd say that Paige is the best overall-- the fit is super flattering, the denim is really nice and they're the only ones that never stretch out and sag!
  5. I have 7fam, hudson, paige, tr, diesel, r&r, joes, tsubis
    and my personal fave is my hudsons
    they're SUPER comfortable and the fit is amazing
  6. oh and just to add another thing
    i also think it depends on your shape... so just for reference, i'm 5'3" and 110 pounds
  7. My absolute favourite is True Religion and I always buy at least 2 pairs when I go to the US. I also love Rock & Republics skinny jeans although my butt ends up virtually hanging out when I sit down in them!!
  8. I have no butt so I swear by Hudson (Triangle Flaps and Classic Bootcut) and TR (Joey, Stella, and Billy) jeans.

    I also really like Siwy, Diesel, Paige Premium, and R&R. 7FAM and COH are nice too.
  9. Right now I'm loving my True Religions, Hudsons, Paige and William Rast. Oh and Citizens too:smile:

  10. Haha I agree! I love the cut/wash of RRs, but they ARE super low rise haha.
    I also love True Religion and JBrand jeans.
  11. For me I hate super low rise jeans, so I only wear the midrise ones. I like Joe's jeans, citizens and seven and juicy. They are much softer and feel better than my gap jeans.
  12. ^^^ I always have to make sure I have a way of covering my bum when I sit down in them....my boyfriend often makes fun of me because of them!
  13. Miss Sixty are my favorites. The fabric, drape, cut, fit, etc... I also buy a lot of vintage jeans, so I'll take whatever I like regardless of brand as long as it's cute and fits.
  14. J Brand and William Rast... currently! But my style is always changing.....
  15. Ooo yeah J Brand......I'm so loving my Love Story ones, I have them in black and indigo