What Are You Carrying? *** INSTAGRAM Thread ***

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  1. My only Chanel bag :smile:
  2. Alma BB and boba :biggrin:
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  3. upload_2018-9-25_16-53-4.png

    Have a nice day everyone!
  4. LV Monet Neverfull while out furniture shopping today for a new sectional
  5. Hermes Kelly

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  6. Love the shoes!
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  7. Thanks!
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  9. Cheese & charcuterie always works :tup:
  10. Lunch AND dinner at times ;)
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  11. :lol: I'm with you!
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  12. Nano SDJ and Mexican food
  13. Lovely pic! I too have a sapphire e-ring :smile:
  14. My LV Speedy 25 Cherry
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  15. Any Tiffany owners out there? I'd like to know a bit more about the bag and how the calfskin holds up against scratches etc...