What Are You Carrying? *** INSTAGRAM Thread ***

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  1. Lots of people have Instagram accounts now. Occasionally I use mine for pictures of whatever accessories I'm carrying, and what better place to share them than on tPF?? :Presents

    This thread is for anyone to upload Instagram pictures of your daily accessories!! Since they can be of any brand, I figured the "Handbag & Purses" Forum would be the perfect spot!

    ♥ Images should be Instagram photos only -- all filters / edits welcome, of course!
    ♥ Comments welcome!
    ♥ Post as often as you like - or as often as you change your accessories! :biggrin:
    ♥ Happy posting!!
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  2. #2 Apr 30, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2012

    Alexander Wang "Diego", Louis Vuitton Mono Zippy Organizer, Bernyce Chavez Druzy Ring.

    Instagram Filter: Sierra
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  3. Great thread idea, Iris!! I will post some pics soon.. Love your AW! :heart:
  4. I'll enjoy looking at the photos, but I have no desire to hook up with Instagram and Facebook and all that whole privacy/tracking mess.

    Great photos, though, like I wrote, looking forward to the posts here.
  5. Thanks! :flowers:

    Don't quote me on this, but as of now, I think you can have an Instagram without connecting it to any other accounts. Don't know if that will change once they're fully acquired by FB though :thinking:

    Either way - posting or browsing - happy to have you visit! :biggrin:
  6. I am carrying my Chloe Madeleine satchel.

    Lense: Earlybird

    ** Also- you can use instagram without sharing pics on facebook/ email/ etc. You can choose what to do with your pictures.

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  7. Here is a better one that represents the color of the bag a little better.. (well, it's somewhere in between the two pics, this is a little bright)

    Lense: Kelvin

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  8. ^^ Gorgeous! I haven't seen this Chloe style before - so simple and chic!!
  9. Balenciaga 09 Lilac City with my Silver Jagger Edge iPhone case.
    Not sure of the filter, sorry.


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  10. Great thread idea! Don't have an Instagram acct but can't wait to enjoy everyone else's pics.

    LOVE that iPhone case, Zombie Girl!!!!!
  11. Here are some I took, sorry I don't remember the filters:





  12. ^^ Gorgeous!! I love the shot of the Givenchy!!
  13. i just got a Michael Kors bag and i love it!
  14. Rebecca Minkoff Putty Snake Mini MAC

    Filter: Brannan

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  15. Omgsh I just love these photos! I'm not sure how to even use Instagram, but I'm looking forward to these photos until I learn how!