What Are You Carrying? *** INSTAGRAM Thread ***

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  1. Vivienne Westwood IMG_20180513_142317_967.jpg
  2. In honor of Princess Di, Duchess Catherine and Duchess Megan, these are today's deets!
  3. So for some weird reason, I could not upload the photo via my app but here it is now:

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    sorry,wrong thread
  5. Weekend cappuccino with my Chanel Reissue.

  6. Maiden voyage....@nviesion

  7. I went to Qur'an study, lunch and shopping with my new Neverfull. I'm hoping the time out in the hot sun will darken her a bit. @faithpurselover2018 IMG_20180701_164205_989.jpg

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  8. Jw Anderson today

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  9. My queen B

    IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0799.jpg
  10. [​IMG]

    Loving my new Tory Burch bag ;)

  11. Still doing the old school thing...carrying the one shown in my avatar. Originally felt it was too big but I've found I can fill it no problem :smile:
  12. Love the purse.. sooo pretty! and I always love the colors u wear :smile:
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  13. It’s a LV kind of day :smile:

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  14. Burberry suede bag with me :smile:

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  15. Lady Dior at the Piaget store :smile:

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