What Are You Carrying? *** INSTAGRAM Thread ***


Aug 10, 2019
I just found this purse at the thrift store. 2.00
She was in rough shape. Corroded hardware, fades and dirty. Leather was try and dirty.

I rehabbed her. And in doing so I found a reciept for 1986! This purse looked like itd been in the closet since! Well now that I am done she dont look like a 33+ year bag anymore! 20191215_154341.jpg 20191215_154332.jpg IMG_20191215_155114_666.jpg 20191214_180159.jpg IMG_20191215_155114_660.jpg IMG_20191215_155114_657.jpg


Jan 8, 2018
Lots of people have Instagram accounts now. Occasionally I use mine for pictures of whatever accessories I'm carrying, and what better place to share them than on tPF?? :Presents

This thread is for anyone to upload Instagram pictures of your daily accessories!! Since they can be of any brand, I figured the "Handbag & Purses" Forum would be the perfect spot!

Images should be Instagram photos only -- all filters / edits welcome, of course!
Comments welcome!
Post as often as you like - or as often as you change your accessories! :biggrin:
Happy posting!!
Love my Chanel