What are the best t-shirts ever?

  1. What do you think is the brand that does the best fitting t-shirts?

    I recently experienced Velvet and they are amazing, although pricey...how does American Apparel compare?

    what are the best other brands?
  2. I really like Velvet too, and Petit Bateau, the quality of those is lovely!
  3. I forgot to comment on American Apparel: I only have one t-shirt made by them, and I like that one too. But I still prefer Velvet and Petit Bateau. I think the quality is better when it comes to those brands, the shape stays the same no matter how much you use it. My American Apparel shirt is showing some signs of being worn, while my Velvets and Petit Bateaus are not.

    But when it comes to the feel against your skin and all, American Apparel might be a bit better than Petit Bateau I guess. But thats all a matter of taste, I suppose :smile:
  4. This is what i have been interested in as well, so share girls oh and which store sell Velvet and other sooooo soft shirts ?
  5. I don't know why but I think that Velvet-t is more feminine than AA. I like AA just because it's cheaper and the variety of colors.
  6. I LOVE Splendid tees. They are super soft, fit great, and have held up for me great over time/washing.
  7. My theory tee is holding up pretty well. It's probably not the softest, but it hasn't shown any signs of wear.... yet.
  8. I love C&C California, Velvet, Splendid, James Perse, and J.Crew's.
  9. I love my splendid t-shirts. I have a purple one that I wear all the time during football season. It still looks amazing after many many washings! You gals are making me want to try Velvet though!
  10. I really like t-shirts from Club Monaco. They frequently go on sale for $9 and they're really comfortable. I think that they hold up really well.
  11. Rebecca Beeson (sp?) makes smooth, soft, comfy t-shirts.
  12. Hanro. The only ones I really love.
  13. I like Junk Food and Bebe tees ..
  14. I like Velvet T's too. They have a flattering shape. I don't like T's that aren't "girly" shaped. I have found some cute ones at Ann Taylor that have a little differnet collar than a regular T that I really like.
  15. Hmmm ... I tend to go through t-shirts pretty quickly and I like my white ones to be really fresh.

    I like H&M's t-shirts. Esp. the v-neck ones.