what am i better off doing re:petit noe

  1. buying one that is in good shape, with some patina, for 250ish, or buy one that is in like new condition for 500ish? this will be a bag that gets regular use. (i've realized that me & speedy aren't going to happen- so i am going to sell the new speedy & get a noe instead. i think.)
  2. I think that (if you are patient enough :p - I know it's hard ... ) you will be able to find great deals on eBay.

    Me and Speedy it"s not happening either - even after I bought the strap - I must accept that we are not made for each other :crybaby:

    I bought a very nice black (10yo) Epi Petite Noe (and it's almost moth balls stink free after about 3 weeks:wlae:) and with a Purseket inside (I tried without and the "mess" inside drove me crazy) I think it will be my winter bag. I"m not crazy about the string and the fact that the Purseket makes the bag stiff ...but I'll try and live with since I like the fact that I can wear the bag when I'm casual/sporty ( with my Columbia winter jacket - hey, we talk Canadian winter here :p )

    I'll post some pics soon....
  3. i personally looooooooooove the brand new vachetta BUT... the patina is going to be there anyways... might as well save the $
  4. I would buy a new one.
  5. I like pre-loved, but I know some people prefer brand new (okay, I love brand new, too, but it's so expensive! And I know after repeated use, the resale value goes down).

    I think pre-owned is a good option since:
    A nice condition one can be really cheap
    A nice condition one will have patina so you don't have to worry about the vachetta bottom)
    If you change your mind about the noe in the future, you can always resell it without much financial loss

    Brand new is good also since you get to patina the bag and it smells nice (hehe). And it's nice if you plan to have the bag forever...

    I love the Noe (both regular and petit). I was never a speedy gal, and I don't think I ever will be...guess my collection will never be complete since I don't have (and don't plan to have) a speedy.
  6. i guess the difference with me, is that i've always been a speedy lover. all of the LVs i own are speedy's (MC, mono, and cerises), so far. but recently i've been really wanting a large noe. i'm going for a pre-loved one because i'm going to use it for school, and i know it will probably take a beating, so i don't want to worry about ruining the vachetta or staining it, since it would already have some patina to it.
  7. I would go pre-owned, especially with that bag--I like it better with patina, and it wouldn't take long for a new one to get some wear. $250 is a great price--you could put the difference toward another bag....
  8. I plan to get a mono petit noe myself sometime in 2007. Not sure new or used. Best case scenario would be very gently used at a great price. I have been checking eBay (:graucho: --it does not cost anything to look!) and have seen some wonderful ones --reasonably priced in good condition.:yes:
  9. I'm picky. My bags have to be brand new. lol Actually many of my bags were rejected gifts! I end up with too many *new* bags because of this. And when I get tired of them I have a large extended family of sisters that are always happy to receive hand-me-downs. Don't ask me why they prefer pre-love when I am giving them brand new. :confused1:

    -brand new so I can watch it change over the year(s)
    -love the feel and smell of new
    -love variety of different styles so my collection is very diverse
    -and I picky picky picky :p

    Yeah... I terrible...

    Botton line. You have to make the choice between pre-love and new. Only you know what's best for yourself.:flowers:
  10. thanks for the advice- i just don't know what to do/ and after looking at photos, i'm reconsidering the bh again. i have issues. this forum doesn't help any!!!
  11. ^lol... course not! we're enablers.
  12. with some patina, for 250ish,
  13. Isn`t it funny how much some people love the speedy and some can not get into it? I carry mine around a lot at the moment and yesterday at the boutique in the mirror I really loved the way it looks on me-so I know it is looking good and is better for my bad back-but my heart beats for a petit noe in red.

    If you want a mono one I would go for a new one, even with the vachetta. They are not terrible expensive and when you buy it now it will get a lovely patina over the summer. Before I use a new one with vachetta I always but it on my bed for one or two weeks so it has some tan before I use it for the first time, makes it easier.
  14. Okay I am no good either. I have all 3 styles you have mentioned. I :heart: the BH because I can fit diapers/wipes in it and it stays on my shoulder. It also has a lot of room for all my stuff as well. I love the noe for casual bag but I do not think it is the best choice if you have a little one. The speedy~ definitly for when a child is older. My son is now potty trained and I use the speedy. Just my opinions of course...maybe I helped a little:confused1: I hope so...Best regards~Ghost
  15. I think I would prefer to get a new one. I like to see the patina develop and know that it's all mine!