What age to start really cracking down on skincare...

  1. I am in my 20's. I have never really done anything for my skin except wash it with Dove :nuts:and moisturize with Cetaphil. I'll use sunblock during the summer while i'm at the beach and pool. That is as far as my skin regimen goes though. When I was younger, in high school, I was all about doing masks and that fun stuff with my friends, but now I don't even buy that kind of stuff anymore.

    Do you guys worry about wrinkles or facial skin damage? What kind of products do you use? Eye creams? Toners? etc etc etc. If you use any aging products, what age did you begin using them? If you don't use aging products, when do you plan on it?

    I have just decided that I want to try to be "on top of my game" with my skin:boxing:. Advice would be appreciated!
  2. The age is NOW NOW NOW!!! I did nothing to my skin in my 20's -- but as soon as I hit my 30's I started - I wish I had started earlier because it is sure catching up with me now.
    So I've been reading a lot about skincare now.
    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use SPF - at the beach or not - sunny or not. That's the ONE thing all dermatologists agree on!
    Also moisturize day and night. I never did because my skin wasn't dry - but I am paying for it now.
  3. When you're born. LMAO!
    Seriously, Im 21 and I use a SPF 15(it really should be higher) lotion on my face everyday, I have body lotion that has a SPF 25 in it. I dont really use any anti aging products, but I do use the Olay Definity "Intense Hydrating Cream" for around my eyes because I have the WORST dark circles around my eyes. After about a week I saw a significant difference. I started using it about 6 months ago, and now my circles are almost gone NO LIE! I swear by the stuff, but I have been consistent with the applications, I put some on before my make-up and again when I wash my face at night.
  4. As everyone else has said, I'd start now. In my experience, the sooner you start the better. What brands you use will be a case of trial and error...I've used a lot of Bliss items and loved them but a few days of using their eye cream and I developed white heads under my eyes (which luckily went away once I stopped using the cream).

    At a minimum, I'd say use a moisturizer with SPF (at least 15) every day...preferably one that guards against UVA and UVB rays.
  5. Like everyone else said--start now! Wear SPF everyday, thoroughly cleanse at night, moisturize at night.
  6. I started using eye wrinkle creams when I was like 12 years old. Don't forget the SPF lotion for your hands!! Your hands are the first to wrinkle, so you have to start taking special care of not only your face, but your hands.
  7. I would say, start now and focus on vitamin A serum, like Vivier, sunblock to be worn every day and eye cream.
  8. Yea! You can always tell a womans age by her hands! :crybaby: lol
  9. I'm all for wearing sunscreen everyday, but I never really spend much time in the sun. Drive to work, walk to the building (8,9ish), in there til end of the day, walk out (sunset-ish time). Does that brief exposure time matter? I'm not trying to shoot anyone down, just an honest question!
  10. Just because you aren't directly under the sun it doesn't mean the sun won't do any damage to your skin. I don't take any chances and put SPF on even if I'm staying indoors. I hate wrinkles. :tdown:
  11. If you are ever near a window, the sun is doing damage to your skin! UV rays are energy, a whole different wavelength from the light that you see. They penetrate the clouds and air. So you need sunscreen every single day!
  12. Here here!! You can really tell esp with people my age (40!) that their faces look great but the hands can be a totally different story. I use SPF 15 hand cream every single freakin' day no matter if it's July or December. Especially the backs of the hands where our skin is super thin.

    Start as a teen (or younger) with sunscreen!
  13. I will def be all over sunscreen (or have it all over me?) from now on!
  14. Like a few others have said, start NOW if you haven't already! :yes: Stay out of the sun (though a few minutes of the early morning sun is said to be good for the Vit D).

    Cleanse face thoroughly before going to bed.

    And moisturise! Did anyone catch that episode on Oprah where the audience had to guess the age of a gorgeous African-American woman? I was shocked when it was revealed she was in her 70's!! We should be so lucky! One of her 'secrets' is to keep the skin well moisturised! :yes: Remember to pamper your neck and hands too!
  15. Mid teen years for me! hahah Im on the Murad Acne Complex and my skins getting better.