What age to start really cracking down on skincare...


Jun 4, 2007
I use whitening products since I was 18 and started anti ageing since I was in my mid 20s. I did that cos I was wlways looking older than my age, so I have the urgency to maintain my 'youth'... now that I am in my 30s, people start telling me they thought I am much younger ... so I suppose my effort pays off!!


Jun 10, 2007
I've been looking for ways to feel more girly other than makeup. i'm def going to start a routine now...I spent a lot of time in the sun during my teens (I'm only 22 haha, but still) and I'm pretty sure I have some recovering to do. Great advice about the eye cream! I'm glad you guys are here to make suggestions so I don't get suckered into something at the makeup counters!
Be careful!!! I'm a redhead, and spent a lot of my teens and early 20s trying to get a tan. I've been paying for it for about 20 years now - I'm 48. I can't count the number of "pre-cancer" spots I've had frozen off....and I have to be on a constant lookout for melanoma, per my dermatologist. I'm supposed to wear sunblock all year round on all parts of my body that might get some sun.

So I would say the most important thing to use is sunblock! My moisturizer has it, my foundation has it. If my body lotion doesn't have it, I put a separate sunblock on.


Italian shopaholic
Nov 14, 2007
Shh...RAOK time
I stared using skincare products when I was 12.
I have good genes: both my mother and my father are pretty much wrinkle free and have wonderful, elastic skin, but nature needs some help!
I always spent quite a bit for my skin: Shiseido Pureness or Skincare, Biotherm Aquasource, Chanel Precision and Lancome Hydrazen are the products I feel like recomending.
A little tip that goes a long way: never, ever, ever, sleep with your makeup on!