Well it finally happened to me..bought a fake LV

  1. Since I opened the dispute just yesterday I still have some time in which to choose to escalate it, thanks for letting me know, I'll try and be patient.

  2. Please don't feel like this.. you bought what you thought was an

    authentic LV bag.... it happens & don't beat yourself up over this..

    Carol is pretty prompt especially if you tell her the urgency.

    The fact that the seller is not communicating would let me

    think she is trying to hide....keep us posted
  3. Awww, thanks hotshot. :hugs: It was a wallet actually and I don't want to say what I paid for it!

  4. Just be patient for Carol to get back to you & if you haven't

    heard back from the seller, do what you need to do..
  5. Don't too hard on yourself. Even the most dligent people get victimized sometimes. Just feel good that you know all the angles to beat the victimizers. I'm sure it will all work out. But I know what you mean about tossing and turning over it. Its hard not too.
  6. Hi Linda P,
    I was just wondering who the seller was?
  7. Have you filed a dispute? I don't think this was an honest mistake by that seller. I don't know LV but the seller has a really obvious fake up now.
  8. I escalated it to a dispute yesterday after hearing back from Carol Diva that it was definitely fake. I also paid extra to get a formal letter sent because I assume I should fax that in to paypal? No response at all from the seller as of yet. I didn't realize she had another fake up right now, I wonder if it would do any good to respond to the positive feedback that I initally left her a follow up that says I found the item to be fake. I don't know if I should wait for a refund to do this either.

    Honestly I've never dealt in a brand that's faked before so this is all new to me.
  9. I'd post a followup. Since you have proof that it's fake and the seller isn't responding to the dispute, you have nothing to lose by making it known that the seller is a scammer.

    And next time, don't leave feedback (either pos or neg) until you know it's deserved.

  10. At this point, you have nothing to loose by posting a follow up feedback that this

    bag is indeed a "fake"... at least others will be warned...

    you could wait til your refund comes or until your get confirmation from

    pp... but would warn others for sure....
  11. I did. And the seller's name is sandyskin1955 . The thing is, she tried to sell me the bag she's got listed right now, this is before I realized my wallet was fake. Luckily I was not in the market for a bag. She said her original buyer 'fell through', yeah they were smarter then me and realized before paying. :shame:
  12. This is the heatstamp for the bag sandyskin1055 currently has listed. (And I'm not good with LV.) This is why I'm pretty sure she knows that she has fakes.
    Picture 1.png
  13. And it is still up!
  14. Yikes! To me the heatstamp looks off but then I know nothing about LV.

    This is what Carol said about my wallet -

    1. Datecode is invalid.
    2. The 4-petal flower motifs aren't correctly shaped.
    3. Wording on zipper pull is in the wrong font.

    Honestly I wouldn't have known if someone didn't point it out to me when I went to sell it myself. Within a few hours of having it up I had a buyer contact me and very gently tell me they felt it was a replica. I was horrified, immediately ended the auction and contacted Carol Diva. Luckily I was still within the time frame for a claim. And actually in the long run I will be better off getting all my money back rather than what I could have sold it for anyway so I was doubly thankfully someone reached out to point it out to me and in a nice way. Still, I felt violated, that someone would deliberately do this, and foolish for not knowing it better. I had seen the wallet in a LV store and really loved the color, it would go with a couple of my bags and then it sold out. So I got it online and when I had it in hand it looked like the same wallet to me. The hardware was weighty, the seams straight, the vernis leather nice and glossy. Damn but they do a good job with the fakes.

    I hesitate to add this because I'm going to assume they would have knew this when they received the wallet in person, but I contacted Yoogi's Closet to see if it was something I could sell to them or consign. I sent them the link to the original auction in which I purchased it as well as additional pics of my own. They wrote me back with an offer to purchase it and an offer to consign it. Since the offer was good for 30 days I thought I'd try to sell it first and see what happens, if it didn't sell I would send it on to them.

  15. ^^
    you got very lucky indeed.
    I also looked at the wallet and it looked authentic to my untrained eyes.
    The bag is more obvious because of the stamp.
    Did the seller ever contacted you?