Well I can finally join the BBag club! rop


Feb 24, 2006
My first BBag arrived today - its a Origan Twiggy. I love it :heart: Its in perfect condition. The seller said its been carried about 2x! It came with all the extras - tassels, mirror, and tags. It is a bit veiny but it works with the origan color. Love the color - its unique, but neutral enough to work with most of my clothes. I think this bag will stand out when I use it. (I hate when nice bags blend in). Previously I hadn't seen a Twiggy IRL so was happy to see its a good size for me.

The only thing I don't love is how it looks being carried on the shoulder. It slouches in an awkward way, has anyone else thought this? Its also a handheld bag so no biggie!

I am not the best picture taker but here are some pics. What do you think??



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