Welcome another new family member with me!

  1. This is my newest little girl. The shelter named her Clementine. She had been there since early May of this year! I can't believe it. She's beautiful! They were about to euthanize her, but the shelter vet said she was so beautiful that she just couldn't put her down, and so they got her into a foster home, where I found her (through the shelter and petfinder).

    She is very shy and quiet, and is content to sit quietly and purr. She loves being petted and is very placid. She's mostly Maine Coon cat with a little Norwegian Forest Cat mixed in, and is absolutely beautiful! She's such a little sweetie that, when she was in a foster home from the shelter, she nursed a litter of kittens that were not hers-- and she'd never had babies! She actually started lactating to feed these poor little kittens that had no mother.

    Anyway, she is wonderful. But I'm not sure Clementine suits her. So help me choose a name! All suggestions are welcome, but I was thinking either Gabbana ("Gabby"-- my other cat is named Dolce), or Miss Kitty. Rich says I should name her Calm in French or something. LOL.

    What do you guys think?

    Anyway, welcome my lovely new girl!
    clem1.jpg clem2.jpg
  2. Oh wow, you got her! Im so happy for you and your new kitty! Congrats!! O.K. now for a name. Hmmmmm........how bout Bijou - french for jewl. She is a true jewl to have been rescued from her poor situation.
  3. She looks like a miss kitty! Very gorgeous! Congrats!!!! Thats so great you adopted a kitty!!!
  4. Awwwe, how cute!!
  5. She is so beautiful! Congrats! I am glad that the vet arranged for foster homes... I hate it when older animals get euthanized because people only go for young ones... :crybaby:

    As far as name goes, I kind of like Gabby, but Miss Kitty sounds really good too.
  6. She's beautiful! Congrats!
  7. Best wishes to both of you!!! She's beautiful and sweet. I love the way she helped the poor little kitties in the foster home.
  8. I like the name Gabrielle, then you can still call her Gabby. She will probably come out of her shell and live up to the name Gabby. What a beautiful girl.
  9. How about Twilly??
  10. What a beauty!
  11. Aww, she's so cute! She has really nice eyes.
  12. She is gorgeous!!! I like Miss Kitty!
  13. I love the name Clemintine for a kitty! How cute :smile: Then again, my pups are Tallulah and Delilah.

    Clemme is just adorable!
  14. what a cutie! i like twilly or gabby, gabby would fit well with dolce too :smile:
  15. I had just about decided to name her Miss Kitty, but man... now I'm thinking Delilah after seeing that name. AUGH. DECISIONS!