weird experiences at LV

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  1. do you have weird experiences at LV or with an SA or another person? :tup:
  2. I haven't had any so far here in the US. Are there any in the Philippines? When I bought a wallet there the SA just placed the Epi wallet in the box, no dust cloth, but that's as far as it goes.
  3. I was sent from one LV to another to exchange something when I KNOW the boutique I was at had what I wanted. I didn't appreciate that too much.
  4. my mother and i (both reputable-looking ladies) got yelled at for taking a bad off the shelf to look at in one store. but no one was offering to help us! it's not like we were going behind the counter. it was there, we wanted to see it, sheesh!

    we went to gucci instead, whereupon we looked, touched, and made our purchases :smile:
  5. I've had a customer try on MY bag
  6. I had a Store manager tell me i complain too much.
  7. Im lucky...nothing too out of the ordinary......and i hope it stays that way!!
  8. are you serious?:tdown:
  9. heheh.. what did you say? I'm sure they were VERY embarrased
  10. the SA jumped in and took them over to store display bag I'm just could get my words out
  11. ummm...........

    theres this one SA who NEVER ever talks to me.....not even waves...Even if Im the only person out there, and shes the only SA out there, and she isnt doing anything!

    The only time she has asked me if i needed help was when i was wearing a fancy dress with high heels and my dad was with me...

    kinda odd
  12. I had that happen, too!! It was my denim patchwork speedy and I'm very protective of that bag.....I was too speechless to say anything. My SA saw my mouth drop and she told the lady it was my bag.
  13. I have had someone try to buy my cb papillon when I had it with me in the store... but that was another customer not an SA.
  14. So far, I've been lucky with my experiences at LV.
  15. well, here we go again about the neverfull i exchanged (which i still don't have with me, btw) one SA said that they have stocks and they haven't replenished but he can't give me one coz he's not in the position to do so etc.. , the other SA told me they don't have stocks and they haven't arrived, out of stock everywhere blah blah blah.. i'm on the verge of loosing my cool whenever i talk to them.