weird experience for my poor speedy

  1. Today I went to my friends house, she is in love with LV but she thinks it is insane to pay so much money on a bag so after asking very much to her husband, he bought her a fake speedy, her husband owns a company and earns lots of money so I can't really understand why he bought her a fake... well anyway today I went to take a coffe and chat at their house and took my speedy with me... In the midle of conversations it came up the LV topic and they started saying people only buys LV for the name of the brand and blah blah blah and suddenly that he was sure that her bag (the fake speedy) was exactly the same as mine so he more or less forced me to compare them and they where saying oh yes look and here they look the same (about the zipper) and look even the intirior is exactly the same :s I was felling really weird... so I said yeah they probably they look the same :push: waited some minutes to not make it obvious and then I left.
    I didn't get upset at all and I didn't want to argue but is was just WEIRD they where acting like stupids both of them...
    then I tought probably it was my fault to take my speedy there when I know she has a fake one....

    Poor my speedy I didn't deffend him but I felt it was useless to say anything
  2. You were very diplomatic, and they were the ones being impolite. Realistically, they were both trying to justify their purchase of the fake in their own minds, when they probably knew there was no justification. I am shocked they would treat you and your bag that way.
  3. The husband won't be saying that the fake and real LVs are exactly the same when the fake one falls apart!!! You paid for quality while the husband paid for cheapness!
  4. i think you handled it very well...they maybe were just trying to justify why they bought a fake?!?!? I dunno...
  5. He was trying to justify his fake is just as real. Not! Sorry you weren't able to defend your Speedy. Situations with close friends are difficult situations when they want to be right. When they know full well it's absolutely wrong.
  6. That was nice of you not to say anything. They might just be justifying/trying to make themselves feel better that they bought fake.

    By the way, it wasn't your fault for bringing your bag. Take it anywhere you want to.
  7. ITA
  8. fake owners simply want to validate their inferior bag... so not worth stressing over. good on you!
  9. Props for not making her feel worse. =)
  10. Awww you did the right thing. You are a good friend.
  11. i agree w/ everyone. you handled it well and there's no point in bringing their spirits down about it. if they are happy w/ it, so be it. you may not agree w/ it but they don't have to know that. haha. :biggrin:
  12. lol you handled it well, i don't think i would have been the same. i wouldn't have held back and said something like "well, here's the difference, you helped support terrorism by buying this bag, whereas i paid for quality and nothing more." haha. but don't think that would be the best thing to say. :lol:
  13. :yes:
  14. You were super nice by responding the way you did. I don't think they meant anything by it and agree with other posters when they said.

    Okay be honest asi have to know, did it REALLY look like your bag or just similar? I have never seen a really good fake.
  15. aww your speedy must feel so traumatized