Wedding jewelry - need help/guidance.. opinions?

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  1. So I've been posting about my wedding all over this forum. I'm getting married in October of 08 - and have been bitten by the "wedding planning bug". I'm without a mother for guidance - no sisters, and so I sort of use this forum as a female sound board for bouncing off ideas, guidance, etc. :shame:

    So this is my dress:

    We want my hair up with no necklace - but we do, however, want some sort of wrist adornment... I have a thousand dollar bond and a $50.00 bond from my grandmother that are just about matured... she was my mother figure growing up, and as a sentimental something I'd always pictured using those bonds for a necklace so that she'd be there with me on my wedding day... but then we bought this dress, and we don't like the way necklaces go with it... and so I've decided to use it for a bracelet instead... but what kind?! :confused1:

    I'm at a complete loss. I don't want it to be overly simple... I want it to be perfect... I want it to call to me... but honestly, I've never been a jewelry person and I just have no idea where to look or what to look for.... :s

    soo.....anyone wanna throw ideas at me? Go shopping for me, kinda? lol. I'm so defective... arg. :s
  2. I searched for a bit and tried to stay within your budget, I think this is lovely..
    If you're willing to go past it, this is gorgeous too.

    Sorry, couldn't be creative enough..but I think any pearl/diamond combination would complement your dress quite look stunning btw, don't worry, whatever you choose, everyone wil just pass out at the sight of you! COngrats!!!!:p:p
  3. First, it has be said that you look superb! Even a wrist corsarge would look perfect on you.

    If you specifically want jewellery or a bracelot, you might be interested in a Pandora one where you could customise the beads to each have meaning and symbolism to you?

    FWIW, any or no jewellery will look great on you as you are really attractive in yourself. Your Mum and grandmother would be really proud.
  4. Oh my God sweetheart you look stunning!!! Littlesharon is right,you could wear as much or as little jewellery as you wanted,you are so pretty I don't think you need anything else to finish the look!! But the bracelet idea is lovely,a very special something from your day for always.

    Sharons,right....your Mum and Grandmother would be so proud of
  5. :heart: Wow, what a lovely dress, am I alone here or did anyone else feel a little tear in the eye? I think whatever you pick will look fab and the first Tiffany pearl bracelet is lovely, plus you could wear it with sooooo many other things later. Will we see some wedding pics at a later date? I do hope so. Best of luck! :heart:

  6. No!! Your not alone!!! I filled up too!!!! I think she looks just the most beautiful thing ever!! I think a couple of pretty accents and that would be enough!:heart::love:
  7. First ofall, congratulations!

    I only wore a pearl necklace and stud earrings at my wedding (i also wore my Rolex, but because of its huge sentimental value -it was also my "something blue").
    Your dress looks very classy, and I wouldn't go overboard with jewelry, but a statement pearl necklace would make your dress shine imho!
  8. wow i don't have any jewellery suggestions, i just wanted to say how beautiful you look!
  9. I don't have any jewelry suggestions either, but I wanted to say congratulations on your engagement! Also, you are looking so lovely in your dress!
  10. First of all, you already look amazing!

    I would suggest Earrings instead of a necklace for your gorgeous strapless dress! If you don't mind costume, Kenneth Jay Lane has some gorgeous Chandeliers that will be perfect with you hair done up.
  11. I haven't finished reading the other responses - but this made me tear a bit... thank you. :crybaby:
  12. Aww thank you so much!! I'm really very, very blessed with my FH's family. Both of his sister-in-law's are my only bridesmaids - one has been a very powerful, guiding feminine force in my life - and she's my maid of honor :love:. I'm going to be wearing her diamond studs as earrings as my "something borrowed". We tried on different (fake) necklaces at the boutique where we got my dress but we decided we liked the bare neck instead. I'd always wanted to wear a necklace on my wedding day, bought with the money from my grandmother's bond (talk about tear-jerker... she had Cancer for most of my childhood... she went into remission 2 or 3 times - but she always got sick again. When it came to the end, it's like she knew... she bought these bonds - a month before she died is when they're dated :shame:smile: - and so I knew she'd want me to do something really special with them... now that we've nixxed the necklace idea - I really, really want to do something so that she can be there with me... our ceremony site for the wedding is where I was confirmed - she was my sponsor, and that was one of the last times I can remember seeing her well - at that church, so that's one homage to her... but I really want to wear a gift by her... and all of her good jewelry was taken by her son when she died... so I have nothing of hers...

    Annnnnyway - I'm on a tangent. I've been really emotional lately - but thanks so much for the compliments. And the tiffany bracelet... I had originally thought diamonds... but she was so classy, my grandmother - very into luxury goods... Estee Lauder, Chanel - she was a classy lady :love:
  13. We like the idea of simple diamond studs - about a carrot each. I have teeny tiny ears (well, I'm teeny tiny in general, really) - and we didn't think it went with me or my look. We're trying to stay true to my personality as well - that was the girl's (my bridesmaids) big thing that day dress shopping - staying true to my personality lol.

    I definitely want my hair up though - just still in debate on how... my inspiration is this photo - minus the weird star things in her hair:

    But I think it may be too high? I gotta go for tests..
  14. Wow. The dress is gorgeous and so are you!

    My suggestion? Well, I'm clearly biased, but I think if you aren't a "jewelry person" then don't go for something hugely expensive and fancy that you'd only wear once. Buy something meaningful and that you could wear again and again.

    Are you going to wear earrings? I just designed the most lovely pair of "Love Knot" freshwater pearl earrings...I am in love with them. lol I think something simple and dangling would go beautiful. Since you aren't wearing a necklace you could definitely wear simple dangle earrings easily.

    Are you looking for diamonds? Pearls? Colored Stones? Silver? Gold?

    And you are NOT defective!!! I did not wear much jewelry before I got married either. Of course I didn't make it then either. :smile: