Webkinz whats the deal?

  1. Just starting to hear about these. Can anyone give me any info. Are they hard to find? How long have they been around? Any info would be appreciated. Bought my son a frog and a unicorn today and he loved the website. I am concerned as i hear they are hard to get I guess like Beanie Babies were?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. OMG!!!! My little sister has at least 30, maybe even going on 40 of these things. Yes, they are similar to beenie babies, only they come with little codes on their tags, and you go onto the webkinz website, and enter the code, and get a new character to play on the webkinz website. It's almost like a blog for little kids.
  3. Interesting... Never heard of 'em
  4. OMG! Welcom to my world! My kids have about 8 each and want more! They love going on the site and getting to play w/ their new animal or whatever. They have been impossible to get for the last 2 weeks b/c of the Canadian train strike and production problems but now they are starting to get more in again. Only certain ones are really hard to get usually, like the dalmatian and a couple others.
  5. I didnt realize they were so popular! My daughter just recently got one in her goody bag from a birthday party we attended. I have a feeling that my daughter is too young for it since shes not yet 3 years old. I should check out their website and see what this thing is all about!
  6. Nevre heard of it but I will check it out! Seems cute! :-]
  7. Tay has over 40 of them..Each animal has its own virtual room.....She and all her friends get to share and hang out on the web site.Its very secure for children.She has been obsessed with it for a year..LOL
    The Hallmark store down the street carries them Selena.Next to Scottos.
  8. Well, I just got into them too since my co-workers daughter is in to them. They are collectibe like Beanie Babies and get retired. Some are harder to find then others. Select retailers sell them and if you go to the website you can find out which ones. You can then call those retailers to get on the waiting list for the ones that are hard to find.

    I bought my daughter about 15 of them so far but she's only 14 months so she just chomps on them.

    Hope you don't get addicted!!!! LOL
  9. Great, I just goggled them and up popped this one!


    I have 3 pugs so now I have to get this webkinz. :p
  10. Me too. Maybe that's because all of my younger relatives don't live nearby anymore. The last craze I remember were those Tamagotchi (sp?) gadgets.

  11. I was in there last week and they were out, the phone rang literally 20 times while I was in there for 15 minutes..all calls for webkinz. I happened upon some today at the Hallmark near Costco. :smile: Matty went on the website today and loved it. Very nice website.
  12. Pm me his sign on name so Tay can send him gifts to his WEBKINZ house..LOL
  13. HAH!! I am a computer teacher and on friday, the last 15 minutes of computers for my 2nd graders is WEBKINZ ... they love it and are all so nice about sharing ones they haven't used, etc. it's a great kid-friendly site. have fun!

    I know around here Hallmark & Bealls sells them.
  14. Yeah all the kids I know are talking about it and they basically want to collect them all like freakin pokemon lol.
  15. What's the retail on them?