web-base reseller?

  1. I would be concerned if a reseller told me not to take the bag I had paid for for a spa treatment as what you do with that bag is your choice and if you wanted to get it pampered to perfection then that's your decision. To me BIG ALARM BELLS WOULD BE RINGING over authenticity...
  2. Thank you for asking this question about this reseller. I've looked at their website several times and have considered purchasing from them many times but I will not do so now. Something always stopped me just short of contacting them because there was this teensy whiff of something slightly "off" about the whole thing. Maybe it was just that they consistently misspell the word "don't" as "dun". Who knows??

    I find it interesting that they claim to purchase all of their items in Europe, which is why they claim their prices are lower than those in Singapore, but now they are claiming that one of the owners purchased her bag in Singapore. Hmmm...Curiouser and curiouser...

    Thank you for preventing me from making a costly mistake!
  3. Hi all... Thank you for your kind thoughts and opinions.. After thinking about it, I will just go to Japan to get the rouge color birkin. I just checked the loire kobe and they have lots of amazing items! :nuts:
  4. so Ruelamode is not reliable?
  5. i was told about ruelamode too. does anybody know whether shes a reliable seller?
    tia :smile:
  6. sent an email to get a quote on several items few days back - no reply to my SMS either; but they actually had time to update on their site about new bags......
  7. I .. on the other hand think that Ruelamode is a good reseller :yes: I just came back today from Singapore. I just bought my Birkin 30 from them. It is authentic. I can post some pics tomorrow if you like.. Service is great and very personal. Comes complete with original receipt, box, etc.. etc.. they shop mainly from Europe, but my Birkin actually came from H Singapore. Because sometime she got offered a Birkin from H Singapore as well..
  8. Hi ladies,
    went to my local H shop today.. SA greeted me and after saying "Hi, welcome to Hermes" first thing she said was "Oh that's a nice rubis swift" pointing at my Birkin 30 bought from Ruelamode. So.. rest assured.. it is authentic.
    The Birkin is not the first item i bought from Ruelomode, i bought a Chanel GST and Hermes Herbag from them before.. all authentic, all comes with boxes, ribbons and original receipt from the boutique. I post some pictures here.. first one was picture of me and my Birkin taken at my local H shop .. the rest were taken at my house..

    Hope this helps clearing out the confusion.. :flowers:
    TPF1.jpg TPF2.jpg TPF3.jpg
  9. Ooops.. Sorry ladies.. i was mistaken.. My Birkin was bought from Hermes Paris.. it was another Birkin (Epsom in Brick color i think) that was bought from Hermes Singapore.. ;)
  10. Thanks for clarifying keekee.
    Congrats on your rubis, such a lovely color!

    It's indeed a matter of trust when buying from a reseller.
    I emailed them about another brand, but didn't get a reply on it either... :sad:
    do they specialized in chanel, balenciaga, goyard n hermes only??
  11. Ooops.. so sorry for replying so late fugmug.. do forgive me. Yes indeed it is a matter of trust when buying from reseller, maybe also because this reseller was recommended to me by my good friend and besides my birkin was not my first purchased with them.

    Mmmhh no i dont think they only specialized in chanel, balenciaga, goyard n hermes only.. Sometimes they take time in answering your mails but in my case they always reply.. also if the item you requested is not too common they will need more time to find out the price.

    But they do their shopping trip to europe monthly.. im sure they will reply before their next trip..

    Happy shopping and good luck :smile:
  12. If I may ask, how much did you pay for your birkin from ruelamode?


  13. I paid SGD13.900 for Birkin 30 N stamp. So that's 2010 price. I believe Hermes increase the price in january 2011 but not too sure how much it will be now..
    More or less it will be the same price if i get it from my local Hermes store in Indonesia... HTH
  14. anyone knows or dealing with the reseller called 'NY fashion expert' before? How's their reputation and authenticity on H bag? Im serious getting a birkin from them and dying to know if anyone could share any opinion on this? many thanks! :smile:
  15. I had an unpleasant experience with Ruelamode recently. From their website, I saw a H in which I'm interested in. I mailed and asked, is it possible if I paid a deposit of 50%, and I will personally collect it when I go to SG in May (I'm not from SG), and of course pay for the balance when we meet up. They replied and said, certainly ok, no problem to hold the bag for me.

    But after I think twice, I told the seller to send me a simple snapshot of the original receipt of that particular bag (I even asked the seller to delete whichever details which weren't appropriate to be shown). I think that me as a buyer, I really have the right to know when, and where they got it from.

    Then, the tone changed. They told me not to pay for the deposit first, and in fact email them few weeks before I go to SG, so that they can arrange a new stock for me, as they get it quite "frequently". I even replied and confirmed the date with them for COD. But when I added this as the final statement of my email, they seemed to get annoyed: "Actually this is also a good way as I can get it authenticated in the Hermes store."

    So this is what they replied: "Yes, because it also doesn't make sense for us to keep the bag for you for 2 months. We will not reserve any bag at this point in time. Do contact us when the time is near."

    Whereby, they are the one who agreed to accept my 50% deposit at the first place, and promised to keep the bag for me. So??? I really have doubts. What's wrong to show me the original receipt since I'm a sincere buyer, who only wants a simple reassurance? I know some of u really had a happy experience with the seller. However, I was pretty puzzled with they way they deal with me.