Wearing Tiffany charms as pendants?

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  1. I love the cute little charms Tiffany sells, and I'd love to see some pics of them being worn as pendants :smile:

    Additionally, I noticed that the loops on the charms are larger than those on pieces made to be worn as pendants. If you purchase a charm online, or buy it in-store, can you request that they substitute a smaller loop?

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Charms are so cute! I have a cupcake one I wear as pendant. I wore it on my bday (so fitting!) and never considered changing the loop so I couldn't help you there. But here's a pic of me wearing it with a 20" chain.

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  3. I wear my dot charm as a pendant. The loop is a bit big but it doesn't bother me. Why not just keep the original loop and you can wear it both ways? I am pretty sure Tiffany can change it for you if you ask but there maybe a fee.

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  4. Eeep that dot is SO CUTE as a necklace!
  5. I have received many compliments on this pendant, way more compliments than my Tiffany diamond pendants. I plan to get another dot charm down the road.
  6. Years ago I got an EP sterling initial Keychain as a gift. I thought it might get damaged so I removed the J and put it on a chain. I love it.

  7. They sent my charms out and put a smaller loop on it for me.

  8. Did you request this when you ordered online?

  9. I shop in store always. And then ship it to my home.
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