We saw a BOBCAT in our backyard

  1. about 20 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :wtf::huh:

    Welcome to the country, ROO!
  2. Lol
  3. We just called fish and wildlife to report it! I am scared to let my dog outside!
  4. Oh ROO i was hoping for a pic of the bobcat!! LOL

    i guess not... hehehe

    i hope it does it's own thing and leaves you and your doggie alone... What did fish and wildlife say?
  5. Oh don't let your doggie out. Make sure there is no trash left out either.
  6. We had one walk through our backyard about 20 years ago, I was about 5 when it happened. My mom and I were in the yard playing and it walked through. My mom put herself in between it my and me. But all it did was walk on through, it just looked at us, like "sorry I ruined your fun I'm just passing through." We never saw it or another one again.
  7. ^^

    Bubble, my hubby wasn't able to grab his camera fast enough to get a pic of it. But it was literally 2 feet away from our back slider. I called Fish & Wildlife and left them a message. Our homeowner's association has a website and there have been a few sightings here and there but nothing that has been this close to people. I am sure I won't get a call from F & W till tomorrow though...
  8. i've to say they look really cool .... i have this tendency to want to pet all furry and cute looking animals.... i know, bad idea....
  9. Oh Lord! Where do you live? More details please. We've had just about every kind of animal, wild or otherwise, but never a bobcat!

    I agree, please don't let your doggie outside!
  10. The dog is still asleep, that dog does not get up usually before 10:00 am! :roflmfao:

    But she is ONLY 6 POUNDS!!! And I get so mad at my husband because we are always outside watching her but he will go out in the yard and work and let her wander around. I told him today, "SEE! YOU CANNOT LET THE DOG WALK AROUND WITHOUT WATCHING HER!!" :cursing:
  11. We live about 20 miles east of Seattle
  12. We used to have them in our yard all the time when we lived on 5 acres out in the middle of nowhere..... They were more scared of people and would run if they saw us. One thing they did try to do was get in to the garbage cans at night--so make sure you keep the lids on yours.
    I don't know where you live but the worst part of living out in the country in Florida was the pygmy rattle snakes which kept bitting my dogs (beagles). A large rattle snake keeps to itself unless you literally step on it the pygmy snakes jump out and bite if you are just in the area.....
    Good luck.
  13. It could be an alligator if you lived in Florida LOL.
  14. URGH Snakes. i hate snakes.... i'm terrified of them!!

    Roo, well yeah be good to keep an eye on the doggie while hes out but probably if there's a human around, the bobcat won't try anything...
  15. OOOH! Id be freakin!!LOL!