watercolor speedy size 30 (non exotic)

  1. i went to LV today to put my name down for the watercolor speedy.. and the SA showed me the catalogue, and in it they had the watercolor speedy in both sizes 30 and 35, so i asked the guy about it, and he said that they're only recieving them in size 30..

    i thought that was kinda strange since i've seen everybody on here say its only going to be made in size 35.. did anyone else hear about them making the non exotic one in size 30??

    and also, when are these meant to arrive at the stores? i've heard some people say march 1st and i've heard may 1st as well..
  2. My SA says 30 and 35 for the vvn watercolor speedy. Exotic watercolor speedy launches March 15 (confirmed by my SA) but no date yet on the vvn.
  3. damn, so the regular speedy is probably gonna come out even later than that! i hate waiting!

    but thanks for the info! :smile:
  4. May 1 for non exotic, but it an LE also. Show in the brown book as both sizes, but in look book with dates of each release from now thru June releases only showed the 35 size. My SA said maybe that was a mistake on the 30 because it does not show a release date or price even in her papers and orders
  5. My SA said there is no 30!! I hate the inconsistencies!! I guess we'll have to wait and see!!
  6. my sa said no 30!
  7. I just talked to my SA and she said that the 30 will be available ONLY in Japan. The rest of us will get the 35.
  8. what is vvn?
  9. Only in Japan!!?! I hope that's not true.. It was starting to grow on me.
  10. i have to get this bag!:rolleyes: im on the reservation. apparently, my sa says there is no longer a 'list' its called reservation now...:s

    what evr they call it- i really want this bag.:heart::heart:
  11. I can't wait to see you ladies with this bag, I'm excited for you since I'm kinda hesitant ... have to see it irl I guess, do any of you know if it's LE or seasonal?
  12. omg im so excited for someone to get it. ITS GOING TO BE GORGEOUS!!

  13. vvn = vachetta in LV terms. I don't know what the letters stand for exactly.
  14. My SA said it's only 35...
    I was confused but already waitlisted for both colors
  15. :crybaby:THis is really KILLING ME....
    I won't be able to sleep well till May?!?!?!:nuts: