Watch + Bracelet + Bracelet...etc...

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  1. Actually all new yes but shame on me am wearing one replica !!! :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad: waiting to get the authentic one ! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  2. I have a rose gold Michael Kors watch, in summer I find it's too hot and can get uncomfortable to have too much on one arm, but in Autumn it's the perfect colour and paired with matching rose gold bracelets, or my personal favorite is to mix-n-match it up with gunmetal tones!
  3. I cant tell. I have fake too but want real. Im so impatient
  4. :balloon:

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  5. love the blue Samachi!

    It's been pretty warm this summer at my location, so I've stacked less. Sometimes I leave my watch at home or toss it in my purse when it gets too warm. Can't wait for fall weather so I can pull out the fall wardrobe :smile:

  6. Thanks!
  7. Thanks, prettysquare! I agree with you. Fall is my favorite season����

  8. I love the blue leather bracelet you have. I want something blue to layer with my watch bc the hands are sapphire blue but I haven't found something that hasn't overwhelmed my watch
  9. Thanks dear. I hope you'll find the right one soon. Good luck!
  10. absolutely stunning ! WOW. beautiful. perfect watch.
  11. Got my usc colors on! woohoo! Ps Henri Bendel is simply MADE for stacking

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  12. And on monochromatic days...

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  13. Wow what a cool stack- I love the Henri bendel!
  14. And finally the motherlode (henri bendel, juicy, hermes, vince camuto, tory burch) black and gold stack

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  15. what is the style number (ID) for this exact watch?