Watch + Bracelet + Bracelet...etc...

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1451929198.867607.jpg

    This is my combo for today! Thinking of getting some reasonably priced grey freedom fresh water pearls to go with my watch. Do you think they would look good together? I've attached a pic of the bracelet I'm thinking of buying

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  2. Usual stack of intense black J12 29mm and WG and diamond bracelet.

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  3. Hey prettysquare, I also love bracelet watches. I like trying new styles of watches. The watches you mentioned are simply amazing. I have a fetish for watches.

    Bracelet watches style in ladies watches is ideal for a night out or a formal do. I have a good collection of bracelet watches which are used to be worn as any jewelry piece. They have adjustable strap in them. My collection is mostly created by designer brands and is costly. These are those luxury watches you can reserve for special instances.:smile:
  4. 1455261864734.jpg

    Just trying this stack at home
    Too scared to wear them together...
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  5. :yahoo: I' m new to this site and i absolutely love this thread :roflmfao: i don' t have any bracelet yet but now i need some! They are sooo beautiful!
  6. I hear ya! I am too concernd about scratching up my watch to wear anything beside it. I would love to pair my love bracelet with the watch as I love how that looks but don't want either one of them to get scratched.
  7. I love stacking. The more the merrier.

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  8. My first attempt at a watch stack. Double leather Pandora bracelet, SS Rolex Datejust, Links of London mini belcher bracelet

    IMG_7262.JPG IMG_7263.JPG
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  9. Love your Judith Ripka ring/bracelet...I have it in pink!
  10. Post a pic. I know it is a sparkler. I bought the combo after my divorce. It is my wedding ring to myself. Thanks!
  11. IMG_1494610829.067627.jpg

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  12. Dainty stack. On my way to a wedding
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    Going out light today with my Gucci & Coach bracelets and Gucci watch. :smile:
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  14. I love my Breitling watch so much I don't want to wear anything on the same wrist, fearing it will be scratched. I keep stacking up on the other wrist though, with as many bracelets as I feel like to :smile:
  15. IMG_5109.PNG
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